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When Adityaa felt jealous of Hrithik Roshan

After watching Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, Kannada actor Adityaa admits to feeling professional jealousy towards the Bollywood Star. Here’s why

When Adityaa felt jealous of Hrithik Roshan
Adityaa felt jealous of Hrithik Roshan, but why?

Last Updated: 08.06 PM, May 02, 2024


Kannada actor Adityaa is best known for his gangster roles in films like Deadly Soma, Deadly 2 and Edegarike, among others, but acting, he says, was not where his heart lay. The son of veteran filmmaker Rajendra Singh Babu, Adityaa wanted to be a pilot, and that too, with the Indian Air Force. Taking to the skies in a fighter jet is what his big dream was, one that sadly remained unfulfilled.

Why Adityaa is jealous of Hrithik Roshan

While Adityaa has been playing characters in uniform, predominantly police officers, he has been yearning to do a film based on the army or air force. And when he then saw Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, he could not help but feel a pang of professional jealousy that the latter got to do what Adityaa has had on his mind for years.


Adityaa's next film, Kangaroo

Adityaa, who is currently promoting his upcoming film Kangaroo, which will be in theatres on May 3, was speaking to Speed Plus Karnataka when he made the revelation. Kangaroo is an investigative thriller that has Adityaa in cop mode again. This is, however, a role in which the actor was required to only use brain and no brawn, contrary to his action hero image.

Even though Adityaa’s biggest successes have been in the gangster genre, it is not something he is keen to revisit, as he wants to explore the actor in him. This has, however, meant that the actor has quite a few cop roles to his credit, but Adityaa says that he’s tried to mix that up too so that it doesn’t become repetitive.

Adityaa in the thriller Kangaroo
Adityaa in the thriller Kangaroo

Meanwhile, in an earlier promotional interview for Kangaroo, Adityaa revealed that he’s been offered yet another cop role, which will have him take a popular franchise forward. This franchise, he said, belonged to a big hero in Kannada cinema who is no more, and while he did not name the actor or the film, it became apparent that he was referring to the Inspector Sangliyana films starring the late Shankar Nag.

As tempted as he is to take it up, Adityaa has said that he will seek the consensus of Shankar Nag fans and do it only if they are okay with him in the role.

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