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Will the criticism for 'Salaar Ceasefire' change the story of 'Shauryanga Parvam'? Prashanth Neel answers

'Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire' received its share of praise but many felt that the world of Khansaar was a bit too dense and complex to follow

Will the criticism for 'Salaar Ceasefire' change the story of 'Shauryanga Parvam'? Prashanth Neel answers
Sriya and Prashanth Neel

Last Updated: 08.53 PM, Dec 30, 2023


Prashanth Neel says that the complex world of 'Khansaar', which many opined was a bit hard to follow, wasn't by design. 

"I wouldn't put a single character there which does not make sense to the entire story," he said in a recent interview with Pinkvilla, before going on to suggest that the "complexity" of his world will seem far more relevant when 'Salaar 2' comes out. 

"The idea is not to make something complex enough for people not to understand, especially in an emotional movie like this," he adds and reiterates that 'Ceasefire' is only one-half of the sprawling story and that everything will come together when 'Shauryanga Parvam' comes out.

More on what you could expect from 'Salaar Part 2':

Does that mean 'Salaar 2' will be less dense and complex? Will Prashanth Neel be making changes to the script based on the response he has received thus far? 

"I am not going change one bit of the story because of the feedback. That ('Shauryanga Parvam') is a written story already, I have to follow that story. My job as a director is to narrate the story we have written and it's a story that all of us have loved and wanted to tell on screen," he said in the same conversation.

Prashanth Neel has also wholeheartedly admitted that 'Salaar', in essence, is a retelling of his debut film 'Ugramm', which was released in 2014. The filmmaker confessed recently that with 'Ugramm' not receiving the love it deserved, he was still not done with the story and that he used the opportunity to mount it on a larger scale. That's when Prabhas, the Telugu superstar, came to be part of it. 

Of course, he would conceive a whole new world named Khansaar for 'Salaar' and fill it with a wide array of tribes, clans, chieftains, their inter-politics, their costumes, interpersonal relationships and so much more. While 'Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire' introduced us to the world, Prashanth Neel suggests that 'Salaar: Part 2 - Shauryanga Parvam' will be explored at a much deeper level.

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