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Women of My Billion - Prime Video partners with Priyanka Chopra for documentary unveiling stories of courage in India; trailer out

Prime Video presents Women of My Billion, a documentary chronicling an epic journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, shedding light on the fight against violence.

Women of My Billion - Prime Video partners with Priyanka Chopra for documentary unveiling stories of courage in India; trailer out
Women of My Billion

Last Updated: 01.05 PM, Apr 25, 2024


Prime Video will premiere the upcoming documentary Women of My Billion (WOMB), a powerful and moving account of the struggle against various forms of violence experienced by women in India. Priyanka Chopra Jonas' Purple Pebble Pictures, Apoorva Bakshi and Monisha Thyagarajan's Awedacious Originals present the documentary chronicling Srishti Bakshi's 240-day, 3,800-kilometre walking pilgrimage from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in search of stories of women and their overcoming adversity to achieve equality and empowerment.

The Journey of Women of My Billion: From concept to creation

Featuring Ajitesh Sharma at the helm, Women of My Billion follows Srishti as she takes one million steps towards her goal, illuminating the concrete realities of the numerous hardships faced by women in India. Its mission is to encourage and inspire women to achieve their full potential, no matter how difficult the challenges they face. On May 3, 2024, Women of My Billion will debut exclusively on Prime Video.


Manish Menghani, director and head of content licensing at Prime Video India, said in a statement that their mission at Prime Video is to elevate narratives that are inspiring and can be catalysts of change. Srishti Bakshi has taken a brave step towards ending violence against women and empowering them by bringing attention to these important issues; her work deserves further support. They are grateful to Purple Pebble Pictures and Awedacious Originals for their support in bringing this groundbreaking documentary to audiences in India and around the world.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas' vision: Rising above challenges

Priyanka shared that for too long, women have been the targets of sexism and other forms of discrimination, and they have fought silently against systemic injustices that try to silence them. The goal of WOMB is to rise above these challenges and serve as a symbol of hope. The documentary is more than just a depiction of misery; it's a call to action and unity. Hopefully, this will bring them closer to a future where women worldwide receive respect, value, and the resources they require to realise their full potential.

Apoorva Bakshi of Awedacious Originals added that while illuminating the numerous horrific injustices that Indian women endure, Women of My Billion also highlights the numerous possibilities for progress that have arisen as a result of digitization. Srishti's bold move is a positive development, and the world needs more changemakers like her. By empowering women, they can collectively design a future that values, respects, and allows every woman to pursue her aspirations. According to her, the documentary is the spark that ignites a national movement to ensure women's safety and equality. With Prime Video, they will be able to connect with people all around the world and provide them with the tools they need to make a difference.

Srishti Bakshi's mission: Amplifying the voice of Indian women

Srishti Bakshi, a UN SDG Changemaker, went on to say that Women of My Billion reveals the unified voice of Indian women, speaking out against the violence they endure. It compels them to question their inherent perceptions and addresses the fatigue surrounding discussions on violence against women in India. She maintained her motivation during her travels by acknowledging the unity of Indian women in their bravery against the abuse they face. Throughout her voyage, Srishti aimed to convey this message of bravery, independence, and self-confidence. A small number of individuals clearly sustain violence in society, while the majority chooses to remain silent.

She believes that the general public should use this documentary as a rallying cry to end their silence on this issue and take action. The time has come for change, and they intend to reach audiences all around the globe, including India, with their Prime Video documentary. 

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