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Xo Kitty ending explained - Who does Kitty choose among her many crushes?

Netflix's Xo Kitty is the spin-off of To All the Boys movie series, which is an adaptation of Han's trilogy book, To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Xo Kitty ending explained - Who does Kitty choose among her many crushes?

Xo Kitty

Last Updated: 09.00 PM, May 23, 2024


Netflix's Xo Kitty is from the universe of the popular rom-com movie series To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Xo Kitty takes the story in a new direction, following the adventures of the former main lead, Lara Jean Covey’s younger sister, Kitty. She navigates her love and life after getting a scholarship to study in South Korea.

Xo Kitty plot

Kitty Song Covey, a teenager who is a self-proclaimed expert on the intricacies of love, finds her matchmaking skills put to the ultimate test. After a daring move across the globe to be with her long-distance lover, she's about to discover that navigating the messy world of romance is a different ball game when your own feelings are on the line. So, the question remains: will Kitty be able to recognise her own queer feelings, or will she continue to follow societal expectations of heterosexuality?


What does the end of Xo Kitty show?

Things get complicated between Kitty and Dae as they are on the verge of breaking up. She has her father’s unconditional love and support. But Kitty is expelled from college for staying in the boys’ dorm.

The ending of XO Kitty has several surprises. When she leaves Korea to go back home, Kitty sees Yuri at the airport and her body instantly reacts. Her desperation to confess her feelings to Yuri gives the viewers a ray of hope for getting to watch a lovely encounter between the two. But the makers instantly break all expectations when Yuri’s girlfriend, Juliana, lands up at the airport at the same time. Kitty’s chance to come clean in front of Yuri slips away.

However, the last few minutes give viewers a shocking twist when Min-Ho confesses his feelings for Kitty on their flight back. This revelation makes Kitty a part of a romantic square between herself, Dae, Yuri and now Min-Ho. The series ends with Kitty looking extremely confused.

Xo Kitty has an open ending

The rom-com leaves viewers with a cliffhanger and a tantalising question mark about Kitty's future. Everyone is left wondering whether she will rekindle the flame with her former lover, Dae, who clearly still has feelings for her. Or perhaps her heart will find someone new. With no definitive answer, Xo Kitty invites viewers to ponder Kitty’s journey of self-discovery and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

What are the possibilities of Kitty’s love life?

Kitty and Min-Ho

After returning to the US, Kitty might consider dating Min-Ho, as he will be there with her, unlike Dae. Distance was never an issue for Kitty and Dae. But the question remains: does Kitty have any real feelings for Min-Ho, or will she use him to move on from Yuri?

Kitty and Yuri

Another possibility is that Kitty returns to South Korea for Yuri. This could lead to Kitty trying to confess her feelings for her again. Only time will tell how this love triangle (or square, if you include Min-Ho) will be resolved and who Kitty will end up with.

Season 1 of Xo Kitty leaves Kitty, as well as the viewers, with uncertainty and filled with doubts.

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