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Zayad Khan defends Sayantika Banerjee, calls her a thorough professional actress

 Bangladeshi producer Monirul Islam made ‘tasteless’ remarks about Sayantika Banerjee

Zayad Khan defends Sayantika Banerjee, calls her a thorough professional actress
Zayad and Sayantika
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Last Updated: 11.32 AM, Sep 19, 2023


It has already been reported that politician-actress Sayantika Banerjee got involved in controversy while shooting for the film Chayabaj in Bangladesh opposite actor Zayed Khan. The film is directed by Taju Kamrul. The problem started after eight days of shooting and Sayantika came back to Kolkata without finishing the shooting. It was reported that the choreographer, Michael, misbehaved with the actress.

Earlier, in an interview with Anandabazar Online, Sayantika said that though the choreographer’s name has cropped up, the main problem lies elsewhere. She further stated that the problem began from the basics and she was harassed because of the producer’s mismanagement. She said, “Initially a teacher came for the dance shooting but he left because of monetary issues. Then the young boy called Michael came.” But she denied the accusation that she came back without shooting. 

After her sudden return, the film’s producer Monirul Islam made some tasteless remarks about the actress. He said that the actress spent four hours with Zayed in her hotel during the shooting. “At 2 pm, the hero and heroine went to the hotel to change costumes for a song’s shooting and came back at 6 pm. I never knew that changing costumes could take so much time.”

Now, Zayed retaliated. He told the Bangladeshi media, “Some people are trying to score brownie points. They are trying to portray me in a negative light. There were some problems regarding the costumes. We needed some leather dresses and let the producer know about that. But we did not get any alternate costumes while changing. Who will find the alternatives? Also, Sayantika is a professional actress. She went to the hotel during the break. She asked the producer to pay the hotel bills but the producer did not do so. That was the reason for being late. Some people are making it an issue to divert the main incident and denigrate my character.”