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Aadikeshava Review: Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela starrer is over the top and outdated

Aadikeshava, starring Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela, is an action drama film. Music for the Srikanth Reddy directorial is composed by GV Prakash

Aadikeshava Review: Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela starrer is over the top and outdated

Vaisshnav Tej in Aadikeshava

Last Updated: 01.13 PM, Nov 24, 2023



Chitra(Sreeleela) is a very sophisticated CEO of a multinational company. Balu played by Vaisshnav Tej joins the company and has an instant connection with Chitra. This rich vs poor relationship does not go well with Chitra's parents who decide to finish Balu. Right when the plan is going to be executed, a massive team of goons from the Rayalaseema region show up to save Balu. They have come for a special purpose as Balu has a past with Chenga Reddy(Joju George), who is a mining mafia don. Who is this Balu? Why is he in disguise? and what is his backstory? Watch the film to learn more.


Vaisshnav Tej's first two films, Uppena and Kondapolam showcased him in soft characters. With Aadikeshava, the young mega hero joins the commercial hero league and tries his hand at the regular dance and song routine. Aadikesha is directed by Srikanth N Reddy, who once again brings back the tried and tested formula of faction issues in the Rayalaseema region with a backdrop of mining.

Story-wise, there is absolutely nothing new that Aadiskeshava showcases and execution is even worse. However, the director impresses as he showcases Vaisshnav Tej in a new avatar altogether. The first half of Aadikeshav has been narrated in a fun manner. The romantic and comedy scenes between Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela evoke decent laughs and the chemistry between the stars is also quite likeable.

A still from Aadikeshava
A still from Aadikeshava

The main twist is brought in the interval bang and from there, Aadikeshavs turns on its head and there is no holding it back. The second half is filled with over-the-top action, forced sentiment, and a horrible climax. The goons fly with no purpose and suddenly, Vaisshnav becomes this powerful man who can do anything at will.

Joju George's character which is showcased in such a powerful manner in the first half of the film is made to end on a very silly note. The conflict point in the story through Joju's character is not properly handled by the director. Had this hero-villain confrontation been handled in a proper manner, the output would have been a lot better.

Aadikeshava poster
Aadikeshava poster

Coming to the performances, Vaisshnav has changed his look and beefed up a bit. When it comes to songs, dances, and fights, he shows promise and proves that he can handle commercial films as well. Sreeleela plays a very dominating role and she is good. The young actress delivers what is expected of her, dances and glamor. She is the sole attraction of Aadikeshava and does justice to her role.

Joju George makes an impressive Telugu debut. His personality, and look, suit the mining mafia set up superbly. But sadly, his role is not etched properly and Joju is made to look weak by the end of the film.

The production values of the film are top-notch. Music by GV Prakash is decent but his BGM was quite impressive. The camera work showcasing the mining backdrop is effective and the dialogues are over the top. The editing is also not fine as the length of the fights should have been trimmed.

Sreeleela in Aadikeshava
Sreeleela in Aadikeshava

From the moment, the trailer was released, the audience exactly knew what they were going to sit through watching Aadiskeshava. But they expected some good moments in terms of action and thrills. Aadi Keshava has them only in a strict few scenes but the rest of the narration is old school and bores you in no time.


Overall, Aadikeshava is a very routine and outdated action drama that does not showcase anything novel. Barring a few romantic and comedy scenes featuring the lead pair, the action is so over the top that the masses will also find it difficult to sit through.



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