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Bhimaa Review - The Gopichand cop drama is loud and clicks only in its final act

Bhimaa Review: Directed by Harsha, the Gopichand cop drama also has a fantasy element that is showcased in a gripping manner in the last half hour. 

Bhimaa Review - The Gopichand cop drama is loud and clicks only in its final act
Gopichand in Bhimaa

Last Updated: 04.53 PM, Mar 08, 2024


Bhimaa Story

Bhimaa (Gopichand) is a happy-go-lucky cop who has the means to deal with criminals. He falls for a school teacher, Vidya (Malavika Sharma), who is in awe of Ravindra Varma (Nasser), who treats patients through some special leaves. One fine day, Ravindra Varma asks Bhimaa for a favour, and this gets the cop into a massive problem. His job and life end up in major trouble. What is the problem that changed Bhimaa's life and how did he fight back? This is the basic story of the film.

Bhimaa Review

Bhimaa is a mass drama with a bit of fantasy element added to it. The first 10 minutes of the film are gripping, as the concept looks novel. But once that happens, Bhimaa becomes an over-the-top cop drama. The hero introduction, silly comedy, and boring fights leave you in an irritated mood. If this was not enough, how the love track between Gopichand and Malavika Sharma is unleashed leaves a lot to be desired. A cop lusting on a school teacher is dragged for no reason and looks outright vulgar.

In all this, what keeps you going is Gopichand's sincere performance. He is seen in an energetic role after a long time and keeps us engaged. The last 10 minutes before the interval are also engaging, as a key conflict point is brought up interestingly. Director Harsha deals with the subject sincerely but the moment he tries to add commercial elements, Bhimaa starts looking outdated. Bhimaa goes back and forth in time and this creates a bit of displeasure.


Also, a few characters like those of Priya Bhavani Shankar do not add to the depth of the film one bit. Mukesh Tiwari's role looks silly in the film for no fault of his. Malavika Sharma gives a good performance. Not only does she look glamorous but her role also gets an update in the last half an hour of the film. 

Bhimaa clicks mostly in its final act as the director, Harsha, finally plays his cards right. The emotions, fight sequences, and drama that are showcased look good and end the film on a decent note. The emotions also click to an extent and credit should go to director Harsha for cleverly adding a fantasy element that keeps the audience on its toes. 

But to enjoy all this, one has to sit through a plethora of boring elements. Gopichand plays the role of a cop sincerely. But he is excellent in the action episode and delivers a solid performance in the climax portions. Nasser was effective in his key role. Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu, and Chammak Chandra evoke a few laughs. As said earlier, Mukesh Tiwari is miscast in the film. Bhimaa has great action episodes that are executed stylishly.


The second half has a few gore elements that look a bit overdone. The production values of the film are pretty good and the music by Ravi Basrur is just about okay. But the way he has composed the background score in the second half is pretty impressive. The camerawork is impressive and the production design showcasing the fantasy element is amazing. The editing in the first half could have been a lot better. A few scenes in the love track should have been chopped off to make the viewing experience better.

Bhimaa has a decent storyline and clicks when it tries to be different. The moment director Harsh tries to add scenes to create relief in the film, things go down for the most part. The film is an action drama with a mix of semi-fantasy elements. The love track is boring and the songs feel like a burden. If the action drama was narrated sincerely, the output would have been even better, but that does not happen, and Bhimaa ends as a half-baked film that has a good final act.

Bhimaa poster
Bhimaa poster

Bhimaa Verdict

On the whole, Bhimaa has a solid start but fizzes out later. The love track, over-the-top action sequences in the first half, and unnecessary commercial elements disturb the flow of the film. The last half an hour is the saving grace, as it has some unique thrills that are executed in a passable manner.

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