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Paarijatha Parvam Review - Chaitanya Rao, Shraddha Das' clueless crime comedy fails to entertain

Paarijatha Parvam Review: Despite having popular actors Sunil, Shraddha Das, and Srikanth Iyengar in key roles, this film fails to evoke basic laughs. 

Paarijatha Parvam Review - Chaitanya Rao, Shraddha Das' clueless crime comedy fails to entertain

Last Updated: 05.37 PM, Apr 19, 2024


Paarijatha Parvam Story

Chaitanya's only dream is to direct a film. But his only condition is that he wants his close friend Harsha (Viva Harsha) to be the hero of the film. Due to this condition, he is rejected by everyone in the industry. To teach everyone a lesson, Chaitanya zeroes in on a producer (Srikanth Iyengar) and decides to kidnap his wife. He plans to extort money and make a film on his own. But his plan is busted with the entry of a bar owner played by Sunil. The entry of Shraddha Das' character further complicates the kidnapping. The rest of the story is about how Chaitanya comes out of his problems and executes the kidnapping.

Paarijatha Parvam Review

Crime comedies are a dime a dozen these days. But to make things click, the screenplay needs to hold your attention. Sadly, that does not happen in Paarijatha Parvam. The idea of kidnapping and the various characters involved give a lot of scope to evoke good laughs. But that does not happen, and what we get to see is a bland and over-the-top crime comedy that struggles to be fun.

One of the biggest villains of the film is Kambhampati Santosh's bland writing. It does not showcase anything new and lacks masala for the audience to get entertained. Multiple characters enter the proceedings one after the other, but none of them make any sense, as their backstories and characters are weak. 

There are a few scenes featuring Sunil and Viva Harsha that evoke a few laughs, but barring that, the rest of the proceedings are a letdown. Surekha Vani has a unique role, and she impresses. But one gets the feeling that her role could have been elaborated a bit more. 

Paarijatha Parvam
Paarijatha Parvam

Chaitanya Rao gets better with each passing film and gets a meaty role in this film. Viva Harsha, who plays the hero's friend, is good in a few scenes. But he also goes overboard in a few scenes, and this looks over the top. Shraddha Das is a must when it comes to crime comedies, and she gets an important role and brings depth to the proceedings.

Srikanth Iyengar gets repetitive with each passing film. One of the major attractions of Paarijatha Parvam is Sunil's comeback. He gets to play a key role and impresses big time. His dialogue and body language bring back the vintage Sunil and make the audience happy. The music composed by Ree is an utter disappointment, and so is his BGM, which is loud and irritating. The visuals are okay, but the production design is neat.


The editing is bad, as the first half of the film is filled with redundant scenes that do not make any sense. There are so many scenes that have been added just for the sake of it. If this was not enough, the songs and unnecessary characters would deviate from the interest of the audience. There are a few comedy scenes, like the one where Viva Harsha is shown streaming his lungs out, which is outright silly.

Paarijatha Parvam had good scope to evoke hilarious laughter but failed to do so as the director, Kambhampati Santosh, lets go of a massive opportunity and messes up the entire film with his bland writing and direction.

Paarijatha Parvam Verdict

On the whole, Paarijatha Parvam is an outdated comedy that fails at the writing stage itself. Though the film has popular faces, the lack of proper screenplay and fun elements leaves the audience gutted. 

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