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Home»Review»Paper Rocket review: This feel-good drama, starring Kalidas, Tanya, is an engaging fare, thanks to relatable emotions»

Paper Rocket review: This feel-good drama, starring Kalidas, Tanya, is an engaging fare, thanks to relatable emotions

The series is high on light-hearted moments and inspiring sub-plots, despite minor flaws

  • Thinkal Menon

Last Updated: 12.06 PM, Jul 29, 2022

Paper Rocket review: This feel-good drama, starring Kalidas, Tanya, is an engaging fare, thanks to relatable emotions

A poster of Paper Rocket 

Story: Five people hailing from different walks of life and reeling under various problems set out for a trip with the help of a youngster who regrets not being faithful to his father. The six of them with different characteristics learn, unlearn and discover themselves during the trip. Little did they know that the trip would change their perception towards life forever. 

Review: The trailer of Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi's Paper Rocket offered a glimpse of the web series - six people belonging to various walks of life - going on a tour to bid adieu to their problems temporarily. Though the plot is nothing new and predictable, a few effective characterizations and lively moments make up for it.

It all begins with Jeeva (Kalidas Jayaram), an ambitious entrepreneur, consulting a leading psychiatrist (Poornima Bhagyaraj) after his father's demise. He regrets not having spent enough time with his father, which in turn, affects his focus and work. He also admits his father's friend (Chinni Jayanth) at the psychiatrist's clinic after the latter suffers from depression post paralysis.

Jeeva befriends Valliamma (Renuka), Charu (Gouri G Kishan), Ilakkiya (Tanya Ravichandran), Gerald (Karunakaran) and Unni (Nirmal Palazhi) at the clinic and learns that each of them are reeling under various physical and mental issues. He decides to take them for a trip across Tamil Nadu to fulfill each of their wishes.

During the course of the trip, the six of them realize the varied positive changes happening in them and start looking at life in different perspectives. What has fate in store for them?

The theme revolving around travelling as healing is a treat to watch. It's been a while since a project based on travel has been made in Tamil, and Kiruthiga has utilized the opportunity to the fullest. The scenic beauty of Meghamalai, Karaikudi, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari have been captured captivatingly and it is a delight to watch some of the breathtaking shots. 

Some of the outdoor locations in different districts of Tamil Nadu complement the story telling and mood of the characters. The cinematography by Richard M Nathan and Gavemic U Ary is one of the highlights of the series. Their visuals transport the audience to the different locations where the story unfolds. They are ably supported by Lawrence Kishore's editing.

Simon K King's melody songs and soothing background score provide soul to the narration, enabling the viewers to connect with the emotions of lead characters. 

But what makes the wafer-thin plot of Paper Rocket engaging is the performances of actors. Renuka excels in the role of a cancer-stricken woman who is also haunted by the memories of her husband who passed away a while ago. Gouri plays a quadriplegic girl who was a swimming champion. The mental trauma of a teenage girl who underwent an accident turning her life topsy-turvy has been effectively portrayed by the actress.    

Nirmal Palazhi as the naïve romantic person who suffers from brain tumor is a treat to watch while Karunakaran as the depressed 35-year-old who feels unapologetic about his suicidal tendency plays his part well. The chemistry between Kalidas and Tanya, too, stands out. 

Their bonding develops organically; while the former takes time to come out of the guilt feeling of having left his father alone, the latter is short-tempered and has a history of a sexual abuse incident associated with it. Nagineedu as the noble father, Chinni Jayanth as the caring father and Kaali Venkat, too, make their presence felt.

Paper Rocket delivers what it promised to offer, a feel-good drama which is high on emotions, a few laughs and tons of light-hearted moments. On the down side, the predictable nature of the story is a drawback. Most of the proceedings can be easily guessed. 

There is little suspense throughout the series because of which we tend to lose interest at a few instances. Some of the characterizations have not been developed to its complete potential, leading to a few sequences ending up becoming generic. 

Verdict: Despite minor flaws, the series is a watchable fare and would appeal to those who crave for light-hearted dramas that instill hope and positivity. It is also a welcome change from the slew of fast-paced, half-baked thrillers with ample twists and turns that release almost every alternate week.

Paper Rocket is streaming on Zee5.