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Permanent Roommates Season 3 review: Sumeet Vyas-Nidhi Singh starrer leaves you with a heavy heart yet satisfied and makes you believe in true love

Singh is at her best, while Vyas' stunning performance in TVF's perfect romantic-drama series steals hearts

Permanent Roommates Season 3 review: Sumeet Vyas-Nidhi Singh starrer leaves you with a heavy heart yet satisfied and makes you believe in true love

Permanent Roommates Season 3 poster (Source: Prime Video)

Last Updated: 01.00 AM, Oct 18, 2023


Permanent Roommates Season 3 story:

Created by TVF, Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh starrer Permanent Roommates Season 3 follows the tale of Mikesh and Tanya, who have been dating for over six years, but getting married is not in the cards. Even after not tying the knot, their fully committed relationship is completely acceptable by their parents. The latest instalment takes their adorable relationship a step ahead where they find themselves in a chaotic situation, however, adamant to work it out. 

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Review:

TVF aka The Viral Fever has grown over the years with its content that has been appreciated unanimously by fans. Panchayat 3 is one of the series that crosses my mind when I think about a show packed with comedy, drama, emotions and more that makes it worth the viewers' time. Similarly, Arunabh Kumar's latest offering, Permanent Roommates Season 3, is one such web series that takes you on an extraordinary ride full of many things at once making it nothing short of a perfect watch.

The show begins with a romantic-comedy angle, where the two love birds celebrate the eve of their anniversary. It further takes us to witness Mikesh's over-the-top preps to make the whole day special and unforgettable for Tanya, while the latter doesn't get much surprise with her beau's adorable yet predictable gestures. The best part of the first episode is that it keeps the essence of the duo alive and as similar as it was in the pilot of the first season.  


Permanent Roommates Season 3 further sees the duo in huge confusion as one of them wants to move abroad for a better life and fulfil dreams, while the other one just wants to stay in the country among families and friends. This new turbulence in their lives changes Mikesh and Tanya's equation and at the same time, they appear to share dynamics with other key characters in the show as well. Even though, amid all the disarray, fights and arguments, the fan-favourite couple doesn't lose their hope in love or their relationship.

The serious and mostly emotional moments begin in the latter parts of this TVF series, while the first few episodes make you laugh uncountable times. The hilarious punches, innocent funny jokes, and goofy situations make it one such entertaining show that has arrived on OTT after a long time. 

Mikesh is genuinely many girls' man of dreams. The most adorable character in the series mostly appears goofy, funny and happy, however, he leaves you in tears once his emotions hit rock bottom when he encounters an untouched and vulnerable past. Sumeet Vyas' role in Permanent Roommates has a separate fanbase and in each of the seasons, the ace actor makes sure to take it up a notch with his absolutely stunning performance.

Tanya, on the other hand, is the truest example of today's 30-year-old Indian working girl. The actor showcases the reality of a young woman, who is going through the same situations, so aptly that it resonates with the masses. Nidhi Singh is at her best as her character also speaks volumes of a girl, who is massively and irrevocably in love with a man but also highly ambitious about her career.

Deepak Kumar Mishra's Purushottam gets a special mention as all the appearances of the actor make you giggle if not laugh out loud. Many sequences featuring Mishra demand you to pause the show for a few seconds to just enjoy and laugh at them. The actor garners applause for finely executing the funny dialogue with his quirky acts.

Some of the key characters including Sheeba Chaddha as Mikesh's mother, Shishir Sharma as Tanya's father and Sachin Pilgaonkar as an influential neighbour support the show well, while Anandeshwar Dwivedi as LLeo, Ayesha Raza as Tanya's Maasi Maa and Ambrish Verma as an old friend make their small appearances count.

Along with director Shreyansh Pandey's phenomenal execution of the story on screen, the writers - Vaibhav and Shreya, also get special credits for flawlessly writing a master screenplay that engages the audience throughout the 5-episodic series. 

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Verdict:

The Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh starrer makes you believe in true love. It leaves you with a heavy heart but satisfied and yet makes you eagerly await the next instalment. A web series offering so much at once is indeed worth watching, not once but as many times as your heart desires, which it will. Permanent Roommates Season 3 is available to stream on Prime Video now.

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