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Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala - A realistic romantic drama that caters only to the youth

Prabhutva Junior Kalashala - The film has a relatable premise and the main leads impress with their performances. But the pacing is very slow. 

Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala - A realistic romantic drama that caters only to the youth

Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala poster

Last Updated: 05.06 PM, Jun 24, 2024


Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala Story

Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala is a period drama set in the small town of Chittoor district in the year 2004. Vaasu(Pranav Preetham) is a high school student who falls in love with Kumari(Shagna Sri). As Kumari is a popular girl in the college, everyone tries to woo her. But somehow, Vaasu manages to impress her, and they kick-start a romantic relationship. But after a point, Vaasu finds out some crazy truths about Kumari, and this creates some issues in their love life. Did they patch again is the basic story of the film.

Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala Review

Of late, makers in Telugu cinema are attempting village-based college love stories a lot, and Prabhutva Junior Kalashala is one of them. Directed by Sreenath Palakuram, Prabhutva Junior Kalashala showcases how girls who move friendly with boys are considered characterless girls in small towns. The entire star cast is new, but the manner in which director Sreenath sets the film in a very realistic tone is quite nice to see in the film.

The first half of the film has the same boy chasing girl scenes. But as the film is set in a village, the mentalities of the youth and how they consider love are showcased in a fun manner. The teasing scenes, the college comedy, and the supporting cast are quite realistic. Though the story is quite routine on paper, the manner in which it is treated by the director looks interesting.

Things catch up when the girl is targeted by everyone. The manner in which the character assassination of the girl is showcased is the best part of the film. However, the film has a lot of issues. One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the slow pace. The makers take forever to get to the main conflict point.

Prabhutva Junior Kalashala review poster
Prabhutva Junior Kalashala review poster

Also, as the conflict point is quite simple, more drama should have been elevated to create tension in the premise. But that does not happen, and things go down a bit in a few scenes in the second half. The makers have added a lot of padding scenes, which derail the momentum many a time in the latter half, making the film look boring and predictable. 

But the director showcases his talent in the climax which is emotional. The manner in which the film ends is quite relatable. Most of the film is based on the lead pair, and whenever they are on screen, things look good, but the other scenes related to the college are boring. 

Coming to the performances, the new cast has done quite well. Pranav Preetham, though he looks unorthodox to play the lead, is a perfect fit for his character. The young actor springs a surprise in his role and carries the film with his impressive emotions. It is hard to get into his brain but after a while, you relate to his character. 

Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala
Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala

The makers have chosen a very beautiful girl as the heroine and Shagna Sri is beautiful in the film. Her role gives her a lot of scope to perform, and she holds your attention. The chemistry between the lead pair is also good. The production values of the film are quite good. The visuals are arresting, but the editing is bad, as close to fifteen minutes could have been edited. The dialogues are neat and the screenplay should have been more gripping in the key second half.

Karthik Rodriguez’s music is very good. In a way, Prabhutva Junior Kalasala has a very predictable premise and showcases how the youth behave when they are in love and treat a girl who moves freely with guys. The romantic drama is slow and takes time to grow, but it has its moments.

Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala Verdict

On the whole, Prabhutwa Junior Kalashala is a village-based college romance that showcases how today's students are spoiling their lives when it comes to their love lives. The film has a few realistic emotions that are relatable and the performances are also neat. But the narration is a bit predictable.

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