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Thunivu review: Ajith's terrific screen presence saves this action drama which entertains despite minor flaws

Watch it for the star's majestic appearance and a few action episodes. A few cliché scenes and lack of fleshed out ambitious ideas make this a one-time watch 

Thunivu review: Ajith's terrific screen presence saves this action drama which entertains despite minor flaws

Ajith in Thunivu

Last Updated: 05.26 AM, Jan 11, 2023


Story: A dreaded gang plans to rob a private bank which is located in the heart of Chennai city and lays out various strategies to execute their idea. However, little did they know that a deadly criminal had already entered the bank with the same motive. But he has other reasons, too, to destroy the bank and its reputation. His unexpected actions and smart moves pose a big threat to the gang and cops in the city. Why is the criminal hell-bent on causing damage to the bank?


Review: The third outing from the combination of Ajith and H Vinoth has been touted as a heist drama, though the latter assured more surprises in the offing for the audience. The film meets the expectations as far as a few aspects are concerned, but isn't free from glaring flaws.

Vinoth wastes no time in setting the plot straight - a gang involving a few people who hail from different walks of life - hatches a plan to rob a private bank in Chennai. Despite the flawless strategies they came up with, they fail in their mission as a one-man army has already entered the bank with the same motive.

Ajith in Thunivu
Ajith in Thunivu

The leader of a dreadful crime syndicate, he (Ajith), however, has bigger plans which come as a shock to the gang and the bank employees. His brilliant moves and solid ideas give nightmares to the heavily armed cops who have surrounded the bank. The security officials later find that the mysterious man has a valid reason for targeting the bank.

This plot is adequate enough to make it into a compelling drama with loads of action, relatable emotions and whistle-worthy sequences. Vinoth has attempted the same, but he succeeds only to an extent. The ideas of the filmmaker are complemented by Ajith, who oozes swag and style with his screen presence. 

He seems to have had a whale of a time playing the unapologetic baddie. Another prime highlight of the movie is the action choreography by Supreme Sundar. Gun fights, bomb blasts and a boat chase are intriguingly shot and are a treat to watch on the big screen.

The slick visuals and fast-paced editing, too, aid the action-packed narration. Manju Warrier makes her presence felt in action scenes, while Samuthirakani, Mohana Sundaram and Ajay impress.

H Vinoth and Ajith
H Vinoth and Ajith

On the downside, the characters aren't fleshed out properly. Some of the flashback portions do not leave any impact, though they are crucial to the story. The director has touched upon a pertinent issue this time, too. Banks luring people with unrealistic offers for their own benefit is a relevant subject, but Vinoth couldn't strike a balance between addressing the issue and fitting it organically into the commercial flavour of the film.

The character arc of Ajith takes an unimpressive turn in the latter half despite neatly conveying why he has targeted the bank. Some of the fight episodes which involve the protagonist saving himself repeatedly displays the convenient writing the director has chosen. Ghibran's background score elevates some of the sequences, but the screenplay in the latter half lacks the solid punch which was evident in the first half. Some of the twists and turns work, but the climax action block could have been better. 

Verdict: Thunivu, undoubtedly, is a treat for Ajith fans and action lovers. An engaging second half and more focus on the message Vinoth intended to convey would have made the film a thorough entertainer.  


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