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Yevam Review - Chandini Chowdary shines in this botched-up thriller

Yevam Review: Chandini Chowdary plays a young cop and her performance coupled with an amazing backdrop are the major assets. 

Yevam Review - Chandini Chowdary shines in this botched-up thriller

Yevam Movie Poster

Last Updated: 07.08 PM, Jun 14, 2024


Yevam Story

Soumya (Chandini Chowdary) turns her dream into reality and joins the police force as an ASI in the small town of Vikarabad. But sadly, she is forced to do office work and nothing more. One fine day, news comes out that a man named Yugandher (Vasistha Simha) is trapping girls in the name of getting them to meet film stars and work with them. Soumya gets involved in the case, and as she unravels more secrets, things turn on their head, and massive revelations about these missing girls and murders take centre stage. How Soumya, being a rookie in the force, cracks the case is the basic story.

Yevam Review

Small-town thrillers always make for an interesting watch and the same happens with the premise of Yevam. The film is set in the Vikrabad district of Telangana and is about a man who cheats on girls through ads, stating that he will take them to meet big stars and even have dinners with them. This aspect of crime, how a serial offender is involved, and how a young lady cop unravels—this is the basic backdrop of Yevam.

The crime thriller is showcased through the eyes of Chandini Chowdary, who is the only solace of the film, performance-wise. Though her uniform and get-up may look weird, Chandini owns the film and carries it on her shoulders. The first half of the film has decent thrills and the way each character gets unravelled over the course of time looks interesting.

Director Prakash sets the tone right, but his writing leaves a lot to be desired as the film draws into the second half. The narration is silly, and the screenplay does not hold your attention in the second half. A lot of investigative scenes bore the audience. Also, as they are overstretched for no reason, things go haywire in the last half an hour of the film.

Chandini Chowdary in Yevam
Chandini Chowdary in Yevam

The makers had a decent script to execute, but their execution faltered for the most part. Also, the main man behind the crime is easy to guess. The director could have penned a far better screenplay to play the investigation scenes in the film. Yevam is entirely based on Chandini Chowdary's character and has great scope to perform. However, the limitations in writing do not allow Chandini to shine in key areas during the second half.

But director Prakash needs to be credited for choosing an interesting point as the base of the film and narrating it in a decent manner in the first half. Vasista Simha, who plays the main villain, was decent in his role and performed well. The other supporting cast did their bit. The music by Neelesh Mandalapu and Keerana Sesh is pretty decent, but the BGM is far more effective. The production values are just about okay, but the costume design is bad, especially those done for Chandini.

Yevam movie stills
Yevam movie stills

It is a big day for her as Chandini's yet another film, Music Shop Murthy, has opened to a decent response from the family audience. On the other hand, what could have been a ripping investigative thriller is marred by inexperienced narration. However, the interesting premise and Chandini Chowdary manage to impress.

Yevam Verdict

On the whole, Yevam has a dragging second half, and the lack of an engaging screenplay takes the film down. However, the good premise and a sincere performance from Chandini Chowdary shine in this crime thriller.

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