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Toe-much to handle - NBA player Lebron James' feet pictures go VIRAL, fans have the funniest take

Interestingly, the photo of Lebron James seems to have been taken more than ten years ago.

Toe-much to handle - NBA player Lebron James' feet pictures go VIRAL, fans have the funniest take

Lebron James trends again on social media

Last Updated: 10.52 AM, Feb 07, 2024


One of the most well-known names in basketball is surely LeBron James. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, the player has a widespread fanbase, and even people who don't follow the sport know of him. While the man keeps trending for his game and brilliant display on the court, the four-time NBA champion has gone viral for a different reason.

King James, the leading scorer of all time in the NBA, has been trending for his feet. His pictures near the vacation water are making the rounds, but fans have zoomed in on his feet, drawing all the attention on social media.

LeBron's toes look all crammed awkwardly together in the vacation photo that has surfaced. His little toe appears to point across his foot rather than up. Interestingly, the photo seems to have been taken more than ten years ago, and a 2013 report mentioned how bad LeBron's feet looked.

With the re-emergence of the picture, fans have come up with the funniest remarks they could find and flooded X (formerly known as Twitter).

LeBron James' trade rumours: 

Currently, there's been tension between LeBron James and his team. Following the Lakers' 138-122 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the star player posted a cryptic hourglass emoji. When Jovan Buha from The Athletic questioned him about it before Saturday's game against the New York Knicks, LeBron James declined to provide further details.

Additionally, there have been rumours circulating regarding LeBron James' potential trade, but his agent Rich Paul has dismissed all speculations. Paul confirmed that James is not listed for trade before the deadline day on February 8. Despite the social media speculation surrounding LeBron's status, his agent reassured that no trade demand has been issued. With James holding a $47.6 million contract for this season, any team interested in trading for him must match a similar amount.

Yet, the player continued to astonish fans, igniting a social media frenzy by opting to wear a New York Knicks towel during a post-match interview at Madison Square Garden on February 5. Some fans speculated that he might be considering joining the Knicks team, while others interpreted it as James' method of exerting pressure on his current team, the Lakers, to take action.

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