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Burning Birds to Nina - Films on CinemaWorld about women standing in the face of tragedy

CinemaWorld is home to several nuanced films from across the globe. It is available with your OTTplay Premium subscription.

Burning Birds to Nina - Films on CinemaWorld about women standing in the face of tragedy
Nuanced Films To Watch On CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 05.57 PM, Apr 27, 2024


Cinema that delves into lives surrounded by tragedy touches the heart. Tragedy can be anything, from the world in danger to a relationship on the verge of breaking, or as small as a child losing their favourite toy. It's all in the way these stories are told that our interest lies. There's so much to reflect on from life in cinema that often, filmmakers crack the code and make us see ourselves or our surroundings on the big screen. Women who stand in the face of tragedy make for meaty characters. Their next movie decides the course of the narrative and unleashes the greyness that not everyone can tap into cinematically.

Take, for example, Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan in India, where a woman who chooses to explore her sexual desires ends up paying a massive cost for it. But the guilt she carries leads her to visit the family of her deceased lover, who sees her as the murderer. Such films certainly break our hearts and, in a way, mend them too. CinemaWorld, a streaming platform included with your OTTplay Premium subscription, is one of the leading platforms bringing world cinema to your doorstep. Films from Turkish, Sinhalese, Bulgarian, and other domains all have a home here.

Today, as we explore the platform a bit more, we bring you three movies featuring people standing in the face of tragedy and contemplating their next moves. Read on and watch them fight now. In case you do not have a subscription for OTTplay Premium, we have that sorted below too.

Films About People Standing In The Face Of Tragedy

Burning Birds (2018)


Origin: Sinhalese

What does losing the earning member of the family do to the people who were dependent on them? How do they survive now? Kusum loses her husband when he is abducted and murdered by the state army after being tortured. She now has to take care of their eight children and a mother-in-law. After going through many jobs that exploit and abuse her, she chooses sex work as the only way to earn money for her family. When the police arrest her from the brothel and the news spreads, her children are rusticated from school, and the world laughs at them. How does she fight back? The anger that follows defines Burning Birds.

Irina (2018)

Origin: Bulgarian

Irina, a part-time waitress, is fired one day from her job. The same day, her husband has an accident. Struck by poverty and with no means to rise above the difficulties she faces, she chooses to become a surrogate mother. The baby growing in her womb now belongs to someone else, and knowing that she will have to part with him one day slowly kills her. Time teaches Irina the value of love, longing, and bonds. Irina is not your everyday movie but a hard-hitting look at people who are struck by tragedy while already living with one.

Nina (2017)

Origin: Slovak

Nina, a 12-year-old girl, is an ace swimmer caught in a family going through the process of separation. The agitation of the adults leaves its residue on the little girl, who now has to live with the situation that her parents have put her in without her consent. The movie explores what this trauma does to a girl and the anger that comes out as a byproduct of the calamity unfolding around her.

All three films are now streaming on CinemaWorld, and you can watch them all with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more such content and everything else from the world of streaming and films.