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After Family Star poor box office show, Dil Raju bats for 3-day ban against online reviews

Family Star, starring Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur, took a poor opening worldwide amid poor reviews, prompting producer Dil Raju to allege a conspiracy against the movie. 

After Family Star poor box office show, Dil Raju bats for 3-day ban against online reviews

Vijay Deverakonda in the new still from Family Star

Last Updated: 09.51 AM, Apr 08, 2024


Producer Dil Raju has alleged a targeted attack against his latest movie, Family Star, which stars Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles. The producer's reaction comes amid overwhelmingly poor reviews for the movie.

Raju alleged that the systematic online campaign to sabotage the movie's box office earnings didn't reflect the actual reality. "The family audiences have appreciated this film and have given good feedback. It has reached its intended audience. Producers are the first who are affected by these negative reviews. If this trend continues and damages pile on, there will be fewer people willing to produce," he said.

Raju claimed that Family Star has been subjected to relentless attacks on social media since it went into production, alleging that there was a conspiracy to discourage audiences from watching the movie in theatres. Raju himself went to theatres and tried to gauge the audiences' reactions to the movie.

Dil Raju alleges targeted attack on Family Star


"In Kerala, a court has directed to stop publishing reviews for three days after a film's release. Something like this should be enforced here too for the betterment of our industry. "We made a good movie, please come to the theatre and watch it. If you like it, tell it to others," the producer told a Telugu news channel.

"You didn't like a movie, that's your opinion. But, don't force your opinion on audiences," he added.

Family Star didn't meet the expectations of the critics, who have given poor ratings to it. The not-so-positive reviews and poor word of mouth have undercut the movie's potential at the box office, resulting in one of the poor openings in Vijay Deverakonda's career.

According to reports, Family Star earned a little more than Rs 11 crore on its opening day. The film also reportedly showed no growth in terms of footfalls across the Telugu states even as Tillu Square continues to perform slightly better.

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