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Anupamaa Written Update August 31, 2023: Anupamaa MANIPULATES Romil by using this mechanism, Kaavya unable to hold on to her guilt!

While Anupamaa manipulatively tries to school him, Kaavya is unable to hold on to her guilt

Anupamaa Written Update August 31, 2023: Anupamaa MANIPULATES Romil by using this mechanism, Kaavya unable to hold on to her guilt!
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Last Updated: 11.50 AM, Aug 31, 2023


Anuj comforts a tensed up Anupamaa

The day starts off with an extremely tensed up Anupamaa. Seeing her in this condition, Anuj offers her water and asks her the subject matter of her conversation with Nakul. That’s when Anupamaa tells that, Nakul told her that he is in America and that he has got the entire responsibilities of the world famous Gurukul in his name from Guru Maa Malti Devi. She added that Nakul wants her to be his partner in crime. Hearing this, Anupamaa loses it. That’s when Anuj consoles her saying that Guru Maa Malti Devi is merely paying for her sins. Even though a bit reluctant at first, Anupamaa also gradually agrees to what Anuj was trying to say and explain to her.

Anupamaa is happy seeing chhoti Anu

Anupamaa, then, tells Anuj to drop off at the same temple where she saw Guru Maa Malti Devi. After reaching there, Anupamaa gives her phone number to a local shopkeeper so that he can update her whenever he sees Guru Maa Malti Devi. After being dejected, Anupamaa comes home and becomes extremely happy seeing chhoti Anu and Anuj making a rakhi to distribute to the poor people.

Anupamaa emotionally manipulates Romil

That’s when Romil enters in his trademark swag. And when Anuj and Anupama invite him to make a rakhi, he declines citing lack of interest. Seeing this, Anupamaa plays a masterstroke and applies reverse psychology and ensures that Romil accepts the challenge and gets ready to make rakhi with chhoti Anu, herself and Anuj. Meanwhile, Romil vows to make it a Raksha Bandhan to remember.

Kaavya hugs Anupamaa tightly and cries

Meanwhile, at the ‘Shah House’, everyone is taking utmost care of pregnant Kaavya. And when Anupamaa also arrives, seeing her, Kaavya hugs her tightly and starts crying bitterly. Even though Anupama understands reason behind her tears, everyone else present there passes it off as mood swings during pregnancy. Seeing no sign of Kaavya stopping to cry, Baa gets up and tells her that come what may, she will always stand by her and hr baby. Baa also adds that, she can feel free to tell her anything that is bothering her.

Will Kaavya tell (read ‘confess’) about the so-far-hidden truth about the father of her unborn child is what remains to be seen.

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