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At Captain Miller event, VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi thrashes her molester, makes him touch her feet. See video

In a viral video, VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi is seen confronting a man for touching her inappropriately at the pre-release event of Captain Miller. 

At Captain Miller event, VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi thrashes her molester, makes him touch her feet. See video
VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi confronts her her alleged harasser

Last Updated: 03.11 PM, Jan 04, 2024


VJ Aishwarya Ragupathi experienced an unsettling event on Wednesday at the pre-release event of the upcoming film Captain Miller, starring Tamil superstar Dhanush. She was groped by an identified man in the crowd at the Chennai's Nehru Stadium. But, Aishwarya acted swiftly and caught the alleged offender and gave him a good beating. 

The video capturing the incident, showcasing Aishwarya confronting her alleged harasser, has gone viral online. In the footage, she expresses her frustration, demanding an apology as she instructs him to touch her feet. Aishwarya is seen forcefully confronting the man before others intervene and whisk him away from her.

 As the video is gaining a lot of traction on social media, Aishwarya issued a statement giving a first-hand account of the incident. "In that crowd, a guy harassed me. I faced him immediately and didn't let go until I started beating him. He ran, but I chased him, refusing to release my grip. I wasn't able to accept that he had the guts to grab a woman's body part. I shouted & attacked him. I have good people around me, and I know there are lots of kind and respectful humans in the world. But I feel too scared to be around these few percent of monsters.!!!," she said. 

Aishwarya Ragupathi's Instagram story
Aishwarya Ragupathi's Instagram story

This is not the first time that Aishwarya has made headlines owing to an unpleasant encounter at a public event. Earlier, she was offended by an unsolicited gesture from popular Bigg Boss Tamil contestant 'Cool' Suresh.

Aishwarya, was emceeing the Sarakku audio release event, when Suresh forcefully put a garland on her without her consent, leaving her rattled. The incident sparked a massive social media outrage prompting Suresh to issue an unconditional apology. 

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