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Bigg Boss 17's Khanzaadi reveals her current relationship status with Abhishek Kumar

Ex Bigg Boss 17 contestant Khanzaadi opened up about her relationship with the first runner-up, Abhishek Kumar. Here's what she said!

Bigg Boss 17's Khanzaadi reveals her current relationship status with Abhishek Kumar
Khanzadi-Abhishek Kumar

Last Updated: 04.35 PM, Mar 04, 2024


Bigg Boss 17 contestants Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi aka Feroza Khan's relationship inside the house became the topic of discussion. While some thought that their affection towards each other was fake, others thought that they were just confused about each other. Now, Khanzaadi opened up about her current relationship status with the first runner-up.

Khanzaadi on her current relationship status with Abhishek Kumar

In an interview with India Today, Khanzaadi said, "Just like in the show, he is still after me, but the only difference is people don't see this." She also revealed that she even unfollowed him on Instagram while Kumar still follows her. "I have unfollowed him, but he still follows me on Instagram," she said.

Speaking about the time when the two were in the Bigg Boss house, the rapper said that despite their disagreements about multiple things, she sees Abhishek as a close friend. Khanzaadi also remarked about her relationship with the Udaariyaan actor on the reality show, Bigg Boss. She said, “My relationship with Abhishek was real. I was just being myself. It was real for sure, from both sides. It was something special. It didn't hurt me and didn't affect me when people perceived it as something fake. I was called 'characterless'. But, it didn't take a toll on me.”

She also pointed out how she was uncertain about Abhishek as he was unable to move on from Isha Malviya. 

Highlighting the fact that she is still open to working with Abhishek and speaking about their collaboration in the future, she said, "There will definitely be one. I even want to sing, provided he expresses an interest in featuring in my music videos. If he wants to collaborate with me, I am open to it."

Khaanzadi's revelations about her genuine feelings with Abhishek Kumar reveal that she is not scared to accept the fact that something is brewing between them. However, she also backed out after she realized that it could be difficult for her to adjust to it considering the fact that the Udaariyaan actor is still not over his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya. Let's wait and watch to see if they come together for a project in the future. 

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