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Blood Free Episode 5,6 review – Han Hyo-joo's series fails to hold your attention despite an engaging plot

Blood Free Kdrama: Han Hyo-joo and Ju Ji-hoon star in the sci-fi thriller that is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Read the review of the latest episodes

Blood Free Episode 5,6 review – Han Hyo-joo's series fails to hold your attention despite an engaging plot
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Last Updated: 07.10 PM, Apr 27, 2024


Blood Free Episode 5,6 Story

The recently premiered episodes 5 and 6 of Blood Free are about Ja-yu and her team, who are looking for answers behind the hacking incident. It also shows how Chae Woon is trying to discover the hidden secrets by keeping close to Ja-yu, but with an ulterior motive. In Episode 6, he disguises himself as a doctor and is on his way to meet Lee Mungyu to find out about his connection with BF. A major portion of the episode is given to Sin-gu's (the scientist at BF) death and his suicide investigation.

Blood Free Episode 5,6 review

Episodes 3 and 4 follow the usual trope of multiple timelines to add a thrilling element, but that doesn't work much here because it feels heavy on story. Blood Free had a fascinating story that hinted at the clash between humanity and technology, but it fell prey to a slow-paced narrative and flawed execution. Even the star-studded ensemble led by Han Hyo-joo and Ju Ji-hoon is unable to save this thriller K-drama at this point.

If you start watching this sci-fi series with the latest episode, you won’t be able to understand the story because of its convoluted plot and characters. Some new characters are added in every episode, yet the existing ones remain unexplored. This is one of the disadvantages of the series.

Overall, the series has an engaging plot of engineered meat and business dominance but still fails to hold your attention as it revolves around different plots rather than focusing on a main one. It feels heavy to watch at one go, with lengthy 1-hour-long episodes tha all navigate through different timelines and incidents.

Blood Free Verdict

Blood Free is a thriller K-drama that began with an intriguing plot, but with the new episodes, the storyline is becoming more and more complex. Despite the new episode’s action-packed sequences that kicked off the adrenaline rush, it feels like something is missing. The makers are trying hard to make it engaging with chase scenes and blood-gore, but the characters lack spark and connection with viewers. As of now, Blood Free is skippable.


Disney+ Hotstar releases two new episodes of Blood Free every week.

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