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Deadpool & Wolverine teaser: Ryan Reynolds as 'Marvel Jesus' crashes into the MCU with Hugh Jackman

Shawn Levy's Deadpool & Wolverine makes explosive MCU debut in Super Bowl teaser

Deadpool & Wolverine teaser: Ryan Reynolds as 'Marvel Jesus' crashes into the MCU with Hugh Jackman
Deadpool & Wolverine teaser

Last Updated: 08.38 AM, Feb 12, 2024


Deadpool has returned and made his way into the MCU after an absence of nearly six years, the end of Fox's X-Men films, and Disney's acquisition of the studio. Super Bowl Sunday 2024 included the debut of the Deadpool and Wolverine teaser. Ryan Reynolds is back as Merc With a Mouth and is reuniting with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, who was last seen dying in 2017's farewell film Logan.

Introducing "Marvel Jesus"

While Deadpool is celebrating his birthday, the Time Variance Authority—the multiverse managers last seen in Loki Season 2—kidnaps him and brings him into the MCU, as shown in the teaser. Introducing Deadpool, aka "Marvel Jesus," who claims he will inject Disney's pristine brand with his outrageous actions and R-rated gags. Wolverine’s face isn’t seen, but he can be seen from behind, Deadpool faces off against him at the end of the teaser, but just his shadow is shown.

Check out the teaser below:


The SAG-AFTRA strike delayed the start of production on Deadpool 3 from May 3 to July 26, a span of four months.

Success of previous Deadpool films

In the first Deadpool, the anti-hero exacted vengeance on Ajax (Ed Skrein), the mastermind responsible for his transformation into a mutant and subsequent disfigurement. In the sequel, Deadpool rallies the X-Force forces to confront Cable, a time traveller played by Josh Brolin.

With an opening weekend total of $18.6 million in North America, Deadpool 2 shattered records upon its 2018 release. Deadpool achieved similar success two years ago, breaking the domestic record for an R-rated film with an opening weekend of $132.4 million.

Shawn Levy teases Deadpool 3

Shawn Levy, director of Deadpool 3, penned an essay for Esquire that teased fans with news that the film will feature a nod to the Star Wars series. Using his phone, Levy reanalyzed the shot, blocking, framing, and tempo of the scene with Vader and Luke and said, "Guys, this is the Jedi moment," to his stunt and action crew during a crucial part of the film. The filmmaker further shared that a scene from Deadpool was based on something he saw in a theatre many years ago, and any die-hard Star Wars fan would recognise it. The memory will last a lifetime.

Levy went on to say that working on Deadpool with Marvel is demonstrating to him personally that producing a film within a larger cinematic universe can truly bring a sense of empowerment and intimacy. Ryan Reynolds and he set out to make a Deadpool film, and it's shaping out to be just that.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set for a big-screen release on July 26, 2024.

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