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Indu 3: Will Payel De take part in Ishaa Saha’s mysterious family?

The shooting of Indu 3 will start in September

Indu 3: Will Payel De take part in Ishaa Saha’s mysterious family?
Payel De and Ishaa Saha

Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Aug 10, 2023


Actress Payel De is in the news. According to media reports, the first rumor is that she is being removed from the serial Sadhak Ramprasad. She has not been seen in the serial for several days. The second rumor is that she is returning to the third part of Hoichoi's popular series Indu, whose shoot will start in mid-September. 

Aajkaal Dot In reported that the actress kept mum regarding the serial. However, there are lots of speculations on the channel’s page. Some suspect that the serial will end and hence Payel is not being seen. Many people are saying that the actress is not well and hence is far from the acting world. Some others claim that Payel has been removed. There has not been any concrete information on this as of now. However, according to Aajkaal Dot In, Payel is shooting. She was seen on the set for the last couple of days and is being shown in the serial. There is no news of the serial ending. 

It is also said that gods and goddesses can not appear all the time in a serial. According to the Puranas, Devi Kalika never directly appeared in front of the disciple. Her appearance is shown in the serial so that the audience can understand. Hence it is not possible to show her regularly. 

What about Indu 3? Will Payel be seen there? She did not want to comment right now. But sources say that Sahana Dutta’s script is ready. Payel will be there. Ishaa Saha, who plays Indu, is in the UK due to the shooting of another film. The shooting of Indu 3 will start after she comes back. 

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