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James Gunn cannot make Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 4 ‘legally’ – Here’s everything you should know about the upsetting update

James Gunn has directed the successful Guardians Of The Galaxy trilogy for Marvel and is now the boss at DCU. 

James Gunn cannot make Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 4 ‘legally’ – Here’s everything you should know about the upsetting update
A BTS Still From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3

Last Updated: 05.25 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Warner Bros. used their strongest card when they decided to not just change the course of their DC wing but also bring two new bosses to run the show, one of whom will be one of the best filmmakers in the competing universe. James Gunn took the boss chair at DCU with Peter Safran, and the two have been shaping a new dawn for the studio. But while he is busy making Superman: Legacy and all the other projects, the biggest question is whether he ever returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether there can be a Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 4? Gunn has now decided to break the silence on it.

James Gunn Is Legally Restricted

To give you a very upsetting update, James Gunn has now confirmed that he will not be making Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore. While he hasn’t confirmed the end of the franchise or the future of it, he has been very vocal about how it all ends for him here, and he has nothing more to give to the franchise that he made gold out of. But what is even more upsetting is the fact that the decision to not work with Marvel is not just personal; Gunn is even bound by his contract.

Yes, you read that right. James Gunn has now revealed that he cannot work with Marvel anymore, physically or legally. This means even if he wants to go back and make a film at the MCU, the legalities will stop him from doing so. The filmmaker made this big revelation on the microblogging site Threads, where he is quite active most days, answering fan queries and busting rumours. A fan asked whether he was going to write Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 4 or the solo Starlord movie. James was quick to reply, “No, I’m pure DC.”

If this was enough to break your heart, the filmmaker was further asked whether he could write a movie for Marvel if he wanted to. To this, James Gunn replied, “I could not either physically or legally.” This means all the chances of Gunn returning to the MCU have been shot down by the filmmaker himself, at least until the end of his tenure at DCU. This will surely leave fans upset who thought the filmmaker would juggle between the IPs.

Similarities between Kevin Feige and James Gunn

This also makes sense because Kevin Feige, who sits in the same chair as James Gunn but at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, doesn’t go outside the studio to collaborate with other production houses. Exclusivity is expected. As for Gunn, he is right now gearing up to begin the filming of Superman: Legacy.

He has already confirmed that he is in the last leg of the Peacemaker season 2 script. The filmmaker recently announced Milly Alcock as the new Supergirl for Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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