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Kiran Rao reflects on discussing Aamir Khan and her divorce with son Azad - 'We held each other's hands through it'

Kiran Rao discussed co-parenting with Aamir Khan, emphasising the importance of nurturing their family bond amidst the challenges of divorce.

Kiran Rao reflects on discussing Aamir Khan and her divorce with son Azad - 'We held each other's hands through it'
Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao with Azad Rao Khan

Last Updated: 02.26 PM, Apr 09, 2024


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are still very much involved with their son Azad Rao, even though they divorced a while back. Whenever people see the three of them together, it is clear that they are still co-parenting their son. Parental separation or divorce rarely spares children from its effects, and the director discussed their son's coping mechanisms in an interview.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao's continued involvement with son Azad

Kiran recalled telling Azad that after disclosing her divorce from Aamir, she couldn't stop anything beyond a certain point. She went on to tell NDTV that they were concerned about the impending divorce because of the toll it would have on their children. The director went on to say that the superstar and she were very aware that it was on display for him at school.

Kiran continued by saying that they were fortunate that they were able to do it during the lockdown, and they were all really close when they had this talk, so it wasn't like they were rushing off to school or work and discussing this at night. Aamir and she were able to do everything together while still having some time to talk about it. In a way, they supported each other through it. For this one reason, she is thankful for the respite that COVID-19 provided.

Kiran Rao's light-hearted commentary on Azad's dislike of cinema

In the same interview, Kiran made a joke about Azad's dislike of cinema while discussing him. She let it slip that he has a narrow interest in anime and other such media. The filmmaker went on to say that Azad enjoyed Laapataa Ladies and that she had to forcibly bring him to the premiere of the film.

Kiran mentioned that when she, Azad, and Aamir spend time together as a family, they usually go to the games. Swimming and playing pickleball are two examples, and their shared interests revolve around visiting his grandparents. They spend a lot of time together playing board games.

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