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KTM trailer – Dheekshith Shetty sports multiple looks in film that hints at intense love story

Dheekshith Shetty is paired with Kaajal Kunder and Sanjana Doss in the film directed by Aruna that will be in theatres on February 16

KTM trailer – Dheekshith Shetty sports multiple looks in film that hints at intense love story
Dheekshith has different looks in keeping with the phase in his character's life

Last Updated: 06.27 PM, Feb 06, 2024


KTM, Dheekshith Shetty’s first Kannada film release since 2020’s Dia is only 10 days away from its date with audiences. Directed by Aruna, this is a film that Dheekshith has been very vocal about as he was excited about sporting different looks in the film in keeping with what his character was going through at that point. The film is finally releasing on February 16, in the run-up to which, the trailer was launched moments ago.


The film, as has been clear from the songs and teaser that came out earlier, is an intense love story, with Dheekshith’s character having at least two romantic interests, played by Kaajal Kunder and Sanjana Doss, respectively. How these relationships affect him over the years and all that he does for love – good and bad - is what the narrative follows.

Talking about the title, Dheekshith had said that while KTM will first bring to mind images of a popular bike brand, as the film unfolds, it will become clear why the name was apt for it. Considering that the trailer reveals two character names, Karthik and Mercy, it could also be that the title is just the first letters of their names, which just came together well as KTM.

The actor also says that KTM is the kind of film that allows an actor to explore his abilities, not only in terms of the looks he sports, but the variations in the character as well. The timeline in the film spans a few years, right from his teenage years to a mid to late 20s stage, which reflects not only in his looks, but temperament as well. Dheekshith also maintains that KTM is a love story at its core, but has so much more to it and while it may seem that it revolves around three main characters, everyone else in the film is pivotal to the narrative as well.

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