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Best films based on true stories to watch on CinemaWorld now

Needle Park Baby follows kids of drug-addicted parents, while Kill Pinochet tracks down assassins as they plot to kill a dictator. Here are the best films based on true stories to watch on CinemaWorld

Best films based on true stories to watch on CinemaWorld now

Movies based on true stories to watch on CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 11.51 AM, Jul 01, 2024


Films reflect the times we live in and borrow ideas liberally from the people and places around us. But certain incidents and real stories are so striking that they demand a film be made on them. These films could take a wide-angle view of historical events that left a lasting impact, or zoom into a particular community, family, or person, and narrate their tales. Movies such as Needle Park Baby follow children of heroin-addicted parents, while Kill Pinochet tracks down three unlikely assassins as they try to bring down a dictator. On that note, check out the best films based on true stories to watch on CinemaWorld right away.

Top films based on true stories to binge-watch on CinemaWorld


Director: Pierre Monnard

Cast: Luna Mwezi, Sarah Spale, Jerry Hoffmann

Language: Swiss German

Mia is all of 11 years old, but she is left lonely and struggling as her mother is highly addicted to heroin. The little girl then turns to an imaginary friend and takes solace in this fantasy world she created for herself. She also meets other children who are also grappling with their wretched childhoods in this small town in Zurich. This poetic film, based on Michelle Halbneer's autobiography, deserves your attention

Director: Juan Ignacio Sabatini

Cast: Daniela Ramírez, Cristián Carvajal, Juan Martín Gravina

Language: Spanish

This Spanish crime thriller delves into the tyrannical world of Augusto Pinochet, the dictator of Chile. But three people decide to take up arms and eliminate the dictator and save the country. A PE teacher, psychologist and a woman from the slum plot to strike on a fateful Sunday in 1986. The film narrates the actual events of the attempted assassination.

Director: Sérgio Machado

Cast: Lázaro Ramos, Kaique de Jesus, Elzio Vieira

Language: Portuguese

Laerte is a gifted violinist but fails to make it to a popular Orchestra in Brazil. He then has no choice but to teach the students at a public school in a slum. However, he bonds with his students over time. But life throws another challenge at him and he now has to make a difficult choice. This inspiring movie is based on a true story.

Director: Hannu Salonen

Cast: Samuel Finzi, Misel Maticevic

Language: German

This sports drama follows a fiery teenager from Germany, who only has one mission in life - to play tennis and be the best. His life changes after coach Günther Bosch spots his talent and trains him to become the Wimbledon champion and tennis legend Boris Becker, admired by the world. Birth of a Champion on CinemaWorld deserves your attention.

Director: Baltasar Kormakur

Cast: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson

Language: Icelandic

This Icelandic film, based on a real incident, follows the events after a fishing boat sinks and only one of the fishermen manages to survive. After struggling in the icy waters of the ocean for several hours, he makes it to land but is shocked to realise that it is in fact a lava field.

Director: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari

Cast: Meron Getnet, Tizita Hagere

Language: Amharic

This Ethiopian film portrays the ordeal of Hirut, who in a bid to escape from her kidnappers, picks up a rifle and fires. But accidentally kills her would-be-husband. The 14-year-old finds herself in the dock and a young lawyer from the city decides to defend her, unmindful of the repercussions it might have on her professional and personal life.

Directors: Miha Mazzini, Dusan Joksimovic

Cast: Judita Frankovic, Sebastian Cavazza

Language: Slovenian, Serbian

Do we not exist, if there are no legal documents to prove our existence? Erased, which is based on a true story, seeks to provide an answer to this grave question through the story of Ana, whose file is suddenly found to be missing from the computer network. The young mother now has to fight against the system to keep her newborn baby and prove her identity.

Director: Yana Titova

Cast: Valentina Karoleva, Dimitar Nikolov

Language: Bulgarian

Yet another true story of a young woman who ends up in an early marriage as she chases happiness. But Vesala, who now has a little daughter, finds that her marriage is failing. The film follows her journey as she tries to find her way through life amid the many obstacles, especially the challenges of drug abuse.

Director: Arkadiusz Jakubik

Cast: Andrzej Chyra, Eliza Rycembel

Language: Polish

Kacper is a history teacher at a high school but he is struggling with progressive blindness. However, the charismatic teacher hides his ailment as he strives to fulfill his academic tasks. This award-winning film that portrays his unconventional yet hilarious methods makes for an engaging watch .

Directors: S Baasanjargal, Shuudertsetseg Baatarsuren

Language: Mongolian

Cast: Altantur Altanjargal, Shuudertsetseg Baatarsuren, Rentsenbat Batkhishig

Based on the true story of the legendary Princess Khutulun, this film portrays the life of one of the fiercest warriors in the Mongol Empire. Princess Khutulun, a descendant of Genghis Khan, goes on an epic mission after an assassin steals the sacred Golden Sutra.

Director: Marysia Nikitiuk

Cast: Ksenia Khyzhniak, Marysia Nikitiuk

Language: Ukrainian

Nina Sokil is a reigning TV star but her world comes crashing down after she is diagnosed with a deadly bone cancer. But Nina is determined not to let her career be derailed by a health concern and she does everything in her power to conceal her health issues and continue working

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