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Journey Through Nature - DocuBay's must-watch documentaries for World Environment Day 2024

Explore, learn, and protect with these essential DocuBay documentaries for World Environment Day 2024.

Journey Through Nature - DocuBay's must-watch documentaries for World Environment Day 2024
Give Nature A Voice; Nature's Force

Last Updated: 04.08 PM, Jun 05, 2024


In honour of World Environment Day 2024, stream documentaries on DocuBay (also available on OTTplay Premium) that will take you on an emotional roller coaster while shedding light on the miraculous and complex bond between humans and the natural environment. Watching Giving Nature a Voice—which focuses on the fragile ecosystems of Kenya—or Blue World, which takes viewers underwater—offers a different angle on the wonders and perils of our world. Explore the spiritual link to water in The Aquatic Adventures and learn about the cultural relevance of national symbols in Living Symbols of the Planet. Take a look at the breathtaking changes happening in nature in Autumn: World of Colours and find out more about the current environmental crises in Plastic: A Collective Suicide? and Greenwashing: The Climate Killer.

Learn the importance of protecting our environment by watching these interesting and informative documentaries.

Documentaries to watch on World Environment Day 2024 on DocuBay

Living Symbols of the Planet


Because the world is so different from one another, the plants and animals found there are also very unique. Certain plants in every country seem to embody their own spirit, whether they are revered by locals, used in everyday life, or hold great historical or cultural value. This documentary series introduces viewers to the 'living emblems' of various nations through global travel.

Giving Nature a Voice

Kenya has been exposed to a number of ecologically disastrous practices, including sand trafficking, the illicit sale of animal hides, predator hunting, and others. The delicate equilibrium of the ecology is at risk. In order to give Earth a voice and show her the suffering she is experiencing, filmmakers band together. Immerse yourself in these captivating and educational series. 

Blue World

Underwater nature photographer Jonathan Bird is among the best in the world. He encounters countless organisms and provides viewers with incredible information about them as he explores the blue underworld, whether it's freshwater or saltwater, reefs, wrecks, or tunnels. From the Bahamas to California, birds catch everything from cute, innocuous sponges to scary sharks!

The Aquatic Adventures

Water is a symbol of life itself! Explore communities deeply rooted in water practices, influenced by their spirituality, history, dreams, and everyday existence. They illuminate the path to environmental salvation by showing us how to comprehend and preserve our natural environment. Come along on a number of uplifting and motivating adventures to stunning natural locations in Peru and Kenya with Jérôme.

Nature's Force

We are unravelling the enigmas of the turbulent environment that not only sustains our existence but also poses a threat to our survival! What causes dust storms? I don't understand why acid rain and auroras exist. Discover the inner workings of the natural world with this enthralling series.

Plastic: A Collective Suicide?

The once-miraculous material known as "plastic" is now a major threat to ecosystems and human health. The hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing thousands of unproven substances that seep into our food on a regular basis are quite astounding. Since the 1950s, plastics have grown exponentially, prompting questions about viable alternatives to this environmental crisis or strategies to slow its decline. The impending plastic pollution catastrophe: a wake-up call.

Autumn: World of Colours

As autumn approaches, take in the breathtaking display of changing foliage, skies, and weather. Take in the stunning seasonal imagery and engross yourself in the strange tales of the creatures' fight for existence. The film demonstrates how the natural world is adapting to the current changes, threats, and challenges.

Greenwashing: The Climate Killer

When we investigated Total Energies and Nespresso, we discovered that prominent corporations' claims of carbon neutrality and net-zero rely heavily on questionable carbon offset schemes. Contrary to claims, local aid promises and reforestation initiatives have not produced the desired long-term effects. Instead of taking serious action to reduce emissions or address climate change, this is more like greenwashing.

When the River Runs Dry

The renowned Murray-Darling River in Australia is tragically drying out due to corruption. Anger at the villagers' capture of the unleashed continental turmoil ignited a grassroots movement to prevent the ecological disaster that would destroy the 30-million-year-old wonder. Bringing attention to the largest environmental calamity in the world, this investigation delves into unscrupulous water schemes that put profits before humanity.

Becoming Animal

Our modern means of communication and technological advancement have severed our once profound, intrinsic bond with the natural world. Is there a chance for its revival? Using cinematic techniques, this film delves deeply into the topic.

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