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Unveiling society's secrets! DocuBay's original documentaries explore hidden realities

DocuBay's diverse documentaries, ranging from astrology to polyamory, challenge societal norms.

Unveiling society's secrets! DocuBay's original documentaries explore hidden realities
Going Poly: Love Beyond Monogamy; Plastic Fantastic: Need for Perfection

Last Updated: 12.23 PM, Jun 16, 2024


DocuBay is here to introduce you to documentaries that will make you think deeply about modern society's intricacies. Their most recent documentaries delve into a wide range of human experiences through a diverse assortment of tales. Some of the stories in this collection include Destiny on Demand, which examines the astrology industry's balancing act between truth and fiction; Bogus Phone Operators, which reveals the BPO sector's notorious Thane Call Centre Scam; Water Mafia, which explores the covert control of vital resources in Indian cities; and Plastic Fantastic: Need for Perfection, which examines the complex nature and heavy implications of cosmetic surgery. Lastly, Going Poly: Love Beyond Monogamy questions the influence of polyamory on traditional ideas of love and relationships.

Insightful journeys through these captivating storylines await you on DocuBay (available on OTTplay Premium), where each documentary provides a window into the world's complex and frequently hidden layers.

DocuBay originals to watch right now!

Destiny on Demand


Astrology, a practice deeply rooted in multiple civilisations but frequently criticised as pseudoscience, has always been a subject of acceptance and discussion. As technology supports an age-old profession, the boundary between faith and fraud becomes increasingly blurry, leading to conflicts between the billion-dollar astrology industry and sceptics.

Bogus Phone Operators

A 'Thane Call Centre Scam' startled the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in 2016. Scammers from India posed as IRS officers, stole $50 million, and returned the money to their home country, instilling terror among Americans, particularly the elderly. As these attacks against call centres escalate, the documentary reveals their methods of operation.

Water Mafia

This study extensively examines the vast underground water market in the Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Based on interviews with victims, specialists, whistleblowers, and those with direct knowledge of the water mafia's operations, it reveals the ways in which this criminal organisation controlled the water supply to many metropolitan Indians.

Plastic Fantastic: Need for Perfection

When doctors reshape their patients, physical changes reveal deeper truths about goals and insecurities. Look at the $50 billion cosmetic surgery industry and how people's demand for perfection pushes surgeries like Botox and other dangerous body-altering procedures.

Going Poly: Love Beyond Monogamy

Is it possible to develop feelings for multiple people at the same time? People who practice polyamory often have more than one romantic relationship going at any given time. Specific regulations in social construction govern love. But what happens when we challenge these regulations? The film's central subject is whether or not polyamory poses a danger to marriage and the social fabric of India.

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