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Lover - Here are 5 reasons to watch the Manikandan-starrer Tamil film on Disney+ Hotstar

Lover on OTT: The Manikandan-starrer is set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar from March 27 and we give you five reasons why you should not miss the film

Lover - Here are 5 reasons to watch the Manikandan-starrer Tamil film on Disney+ Hotstar

Last Updated: 02.02 PM, Mar 13, 2024


We had earlier reported that the critically acclaimed Tamil film Lover, starring Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya in the lead roles, is set to stream online soon. The film will be available on Disney+ Hotstar for streaming from March 27. While the film received critical acclaim upon its release, we at OTTplay bring you five reasons as to why the film should be on your watchlist.

Nuanced take on modern-day relationships

Lover is a film that revolves around two youngsters, Arun and Priya played by Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya. The film is a sensitive and matured take on modern-day relationships in which social media takes the centre stage of communication among youngsters and couples. The film, which touches upon toxic masculinity, and emotional abuse inflicted on partners, boasts a clean screenplay and matured writing that warrants for a sure shot watch. It is also to be noted that Prabhuram Vyas’ web series Livin is also about a young couple, that delves into the complex aspects of love.

Note-worthy performances

Manikandan, who is often seen in softer characters, plays the role of Arun, an aspiring café owner who is in a relationship with Divya. The actor brings versatility to the table and showcases his acting prowess. On the other hand, Sri Gouri Priya also makes a statement for subtle acting with her performance. Lover features an ensemble star cast of young and upcoming actors including Kanna Ravi, and Harish Kumar, while at the same time some veterans like Geetha Kailasam.


Realistic characters

One of the pros that make Lover a worthy watch is the relatability factor. Characters set within the world of Lover do not seem coming from a strange land. They could be the neighbour next door, a friend, or even a colleague. Arun, even as he may be flawed, represents an average middle-class youth, while Divya is relatable as a woman struggling to find her way through the present world of misogyny. Harini, who plays the supportive friend Aishu, comes off as one of your friends, while Kanna Ravi plays a man who has learned his lessons and understands the gender inequalities persisting in society.

Does not glorify toxic behaviour

In a world where cinema can have influences on people, especially young generation, Lover carefully tries to evade glorifying toxic behaviours. The film, even has its central topic, about the complexities and hardships that women have to go through, does not attempt to justify the toxic traits a man can exhibit in a relationship. At the same time, Lover is also a film that lends an empathetic ear and offers a redeeming quality to its men.

Small films winning big

If 2023 became the testament to how fresh voices can benefit the film industry with new and interesting stories, this year too has continued with the trend. Debutant director Prabhuram Vyas makes for a strong voice through Lover. Besides, with Lover comprising of upcoming actors, the film’s success comes as a pleasant trendsetter in Tamil cinema. With a young crop of actors like Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, Harish, Kanna Ravi, and Harini, Lover is a humble film put together by youngsters of today’s times for youngsters of the present.

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