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Mads Mikkelsen approached to play Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four; Is MCU really moving away from Kang?

This is not the first time Mads Mikkelsen has been associated with Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four.

Mads Mikkelsen approached to play Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four; Is MCU really moving away from Kang?
Mads Mikkelsen and Jonathan Majors As Kang

Last Updated: 03.41 PM, Nov 17, 2023


It feels like the world is hooked on what is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One specific project that has finished all the mainstream headlines is Fantastic Four Reboot, and it won’t fade until the day the movie releases on the bug screen. While a whole lot of things about Pedro Pascal being almost locked for Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby is Sue Storm, and more are surfacing on the internet, it turns out the buzz has just begun because Marvel has now approached Mads Mikkelsen to play Doctor Doom. 

Okay, even we took a minute to process and digest that information. The studio is probably moving away from Kang, and the reason is quite obvious. So it feels like the perfect time to bring Doctor Doom and turn him into a universe-level threat. However, Fantastic Four will not have Victor Von Doom in a big way but will be teased in the post-credits. But his involvement in itself will be a massive thing for the fandom. 

And for this, Marvel bosses have decided to pluck the closest fruit and approach none other than Fantastic Beasts – The Secrets Of Dumbledore actor Mads Mikkelsen. As per reports from scooper MCM Culture, the studio has approached Mads to play the big villain in the Fantastic Four Reboot and is waiting for his confirmation. 

Confused about why we called him a close fruit? This is not the first time Mads Mikkelsen’s name has been associated with the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. Back in time, during the making of 2015’s Fantastic Four Reboot under the Fox banner, he had reportedly walked out of the audition for Victor Von Doom. Later, he clarified his stand and even confessed that he was very interested in playing the baddie. 

As per Heroic Hollywood, Mads Mikkelsen had said, “I didn’t walk out. When I left it, I was just like, – this is crazy. I don’t even have long arms. What am I doing here? The audition was only about long arms. No lines. I felt a little funny.”

Meanwhile, the studio is also planning to have Galactus in the Fantastic Four Reboot which makes the side of the villains extremely heavy. Javier Bardem has been shortlisted to play the part. The reboot is slated for May 2, 2025. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more.

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