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Mannara Chopra won’t make it to top two BECAUSE of the glitter on her dress? Here’s what two astrologers predicted about her and the finalists!

Strange and shocking it may sound, but the two astrologers who came on show today, went onto predict that Mannara Chopra may not make it to top two, because of 'the glitter on her dress'!

Mannara Chopra won’t make it to top two BECAUSE of the glitter on her dress? Here’s what two astrologers predicted about her and the finalists!
Two astrologers predict the top two contestants on the Bgg Boss 17 finale

Last Updated: 12.39 AM, Jan 28, 2024


The show of Bigg Boss has always been sprinkled with unpredictability right from its first season. And when life becomes unpredictable, there are many who seek the guidance of astrologers. The same thing happened in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 as well. Even though tomorrow will see the final winner being announced, the show’s makers tried to pep up the show a bit by inviting two leading astrologers on the show in order to predict the ultimate winner!

Two astrologers predict the future of Mannara Chopra!

Both the astrologers started off predicting about Mannara Chopra’s life by saying that, as per numerology, she will move ahead in her life, but, career wise, she is behind three-four years. They cited the reason for this as she believes and trusts others more than she trusts herself.

The astrologers predict the top two contestants!

When asked about (by Bigg Boss) whether she will make it to the top three, the two astrologers shocked everyone by saying no! They reasoned their reply by saying that, it was because of the glitter on her dress that she was wearing when they saw her in the house!

As for Arun, the astrologers predicted that he could be the sudden winner as he has the good luck favouring him. And for Abhishek, the astrologers said that, someone known to him who was well aware of his weaknesses, had come in the house with a vengeance. At the same time, one of the astrologers praised Abhishek by saying that he was someone with the most beautiful soul amongst everyone in the house.

When Bigg Boss asked about Ankita Lokhande, both the astrologers predicted that she too could also be a potential winner. The astrologers said that she is the ‘lady luck’ factor in her partner’s life. He then cited the example of the late Sushant Singh Rajput’s reaching to dizzying heights and graduating to doing films from being a TV actor. The same astrologer also spoke about the role that Ankita Lokhande and her presence has played in the life of Vicky Jain, that today, he too is a well-known personality.

Even though both the astrologers were not in unison with each other on all the replies to the questions asked by Big Boss, most of it were more or less satisfying, if not convincing. Towards the end, when Bigg Boss asked both the astrologers about who they think the top two finalists of the Bigg Boss 17 could be, there was one astrologer who predicted Ankita Lokhande and Arun Mashettey.

On the other hand, the second astrologer strongly felt that one of the top two finalists of the show will be Munawar Faruqui for sure. And for second person, he said, there could be a tough call between Abhishek Kumar and Ankita Lokhande.

Whatever be the case, you can catch up with all the updates of Bigg Boss 17 grand finale on OTTplay! 

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