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Queen of Tears Finale - What to expect in episodes 15 and 16 of Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won's romantic drama?

Queen of Tears is finally coming to an end. As you all are totally hooked on the K-drama, we have some speculations about the last episodes 15 and 16 that will drop on April 27 and 28

Queen of Tears Finale - What to expect in episodes 15 and 16 of Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won's romantic drama?

Stills from Queen of Tears

Last Updated: 04.59 PM, Apr 25, 2024


Queen of Tears is making huge headlines these days for its immense viewership on both tvN channel and Netflix across the world. Recently the K-Drama even surpassed the viewership of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, aka Goblin drama, and became the no.1 show on tvN. On Netflix, Queen of Tears has garnered a whopping 4,800,000 viewership till April 21 and became the third most-watched show on the streaming giant.

Queen of Tears last episodes 15 and 16 to drop on April 27 and 28

The much-loved Queen of Tears is finally coming to an end. The last episodes 15 and 16 will drop on April 27 and 28, respectively. The K-Drama delves into the passionate rollercoaster of emotions of a married couple, Baek Hyun-Woo (Kim Soo-Hyun) and Hong Hae-In (Kim Ji-Won). Now, as you all are totally hooked on the drama, we have some speculations about the last episodes of Queen of Tears.

Queen of Tears story till now

The story portrays that Hong Hae-In, who belongs to a chaebol family (a wealthy conglomerate in South Korea) and is the heir of Queen Group, suffers from memory loss due to a rare brain tumour, which severely affects her relationship with her husband Baek Hyun-Woo.

In the beginning, we get to see how much Baek Hyun-Woo despises his wife Hong Hae-In for not showing any affection, and they are living in separate rooms. Hyun-Woo, who is the son of a farmer, studied as hard as possible and became a famous lawyer. Now he works for the Queen Group. The makers should be given a round of applause for keeping the viewers wondering about Hae-In's cruel behaviour towards Hyun-Woo.

What netizens are expecting from episodes 15 and 16

After watching episode 14, fans suspect Eun-Sung, the brutal villain, will try every possible way to take away Hae-In from Hyun-Woo, so that she doesn't have a single memory of her husband. However, the interesting part is we have already seen Hae-In hinting at unresolved deep feelings for her husband. So, Eun-Sung is highly likely to fail in conning Hae-In. Apart from their love life, another topic that excites fans is whether Hyun-Woo will be able to prove the murders of Hae-In’s grandfather, who was the chairperson of Queens Group. We predict that if Hyun-Woo can prove Eun-Sung and his mother Seul-Hee as the murderers, Hae-In will fully recover and instantly remember Hyun-Woo.

Nevertheless, there's still no such probability built up by the makers. The last episode only exhibited how Hae-In is struggling with her little memories of Hyun-Woo, and she's getting confused and not able to differentiate between her husband and Eun-Sung. Hence, the world is now all pinning hopes on Hyun-Woo, and his tremendous ability to prove Eun-Sung’s crime.

After the end of episode 14 with Hyun-Woo struggling behind bars, fans were extremely disappointed. This massively helped the K-Drama to earn more viewership. The separation between Hae-In and Hyun-Woo left fans desperately wanting a happy ending. But the harsh part that mostly affected fans is Hae-In completely losing her memory after her operation.

Some shocking expectations

Some of the fans even expect certain surprising characters to show up and help Hyun-Woo, or any side character like Ko Jeong-Ja, the private secretary who is in charge of the Queens family's affairs, who can help Hyun-Woo in putting Eun-Sung behind the bars.

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