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REVEALED: The reason why Raghav Chadha called his wife Parineeti Chopra before her first live concert!

Just a few minutes before her first ever live concert, Raghav Chadha called his wife Parineeti Chopra for 'THIS' reason! 

REVEALED: The reason why Raghav Chadha called his wife Parineeti Chopra before her first live concert!
Raghav Chadha calls his wife Parineeti Chopra before the concert

Last Updated: 10.06 PM, Jan 30, 2024


That Parineeti Chopra is a gifted actress and an equally gifted singer is something that we all know and agree to. After all the initial yes-yes-no-no, the Chopra lady finally took the plunge to perform at a concert… all live! Just like anyone else, Parineeti too was seemingly having butterflies in her stomach before her performance, which was definitely one of the most eagerly awaited ones of the evening. Moments before she stepped up on the stage to give her best at the live concert, she called her husband Raghav Chadha in order to seek his blessings!

Raghav Chadha blesses Parineeti Chopra through a video call!

And since Raghav Chadha was not with her at that moment, Parineeti Chopra called up Raghav on a video call! No sooner did she hear his voice, a huge ocean of confidence gushed on her face and she just could not stop smiling! The ever-stunning Parineeti Chopra looked furthermore stunning and rocking with her black t shirt, jacket and glares!

When Parineeti Chopra said 'No Dude' to Raghav Chadha

When Raghav asked her, just like the stage was set, whether she was set for the concert, to which, Parineeti jokingly replied, “No dude”. Saying this, she showed him the venue ground of the concert. Raghav then told Parineeti Chopra, “All I can say is you have my blessings”.

After posting the said video, Parineeti captioned the posts stating, “A day in the life of a debutante musician” with 8 point notes. The first one being getting a call from Raghav Chadha to calm her nerves, and it really helped and the second point being her first time on-stage in-ear experience, the third was her being nervous because of the heat!

While the fourth point that she mentioned was about music lifting her mood like nothing else and the fifth one being her love for comfort in her pink fuzzy chappals shoes in a world full of trends! The sixth she mentioned was about the nervousness during hair and makeup. She wrapped it up stating that, even though not many believed in her comfortable chappal shoes, she did and which was right before they walked on stage!

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