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Salman Khan plans to move to a safer place on father Salim Khan’s advice? Here's everything we know so far

Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence has been in the limelight today after two unidentified men opened fire outside it. 

Salman Khan plans to move to a safer place on father Salim Khan’s advice? Here's everything we know so far
Salim Khan Advices Salman Khan To Move To A Safer Place?

Last Updated: 04.41 PM, Apr 14, 2024


The country woke up to very shocking news this morning when headlines said that unidentified men opened fire outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's Mumbai residence, Galaxy apartment, and sped away. The world has been hooked to every possible update from ground zero since morning, and we have so far learned that the Mumbai police are investigating the crime scene and have even found CCTV footage that has the alleged shooters speeding on a bike. 

While all of that is making news, the latest rumor now suggests that Salman Khan might shift base on his father Salim Khan's advice to a safer space amid the shooting row that left the family worried about their safety. Below is everything you should know about this biggest update of the day.

Salman Khan & Family To Shift To A Safer Place?

Salman Khan has maintained silence about the entire row and has not publicly reacted to it through his social media or through the press. But now a report in Bollywood Life says that a source close to the star is talking about what is happening inside the Galaxy apartments. According to the source, Salman is not worried about himself but about his family’s well-being, who stay with him in the same residence. The actor feels that the more attention he gives to the threats, the more validation it will give to the one behind all of this and will make him feel successful in his task.

However, the source also revealed that the father Salim Khan has advised that they should move out of their residence to a better and safer place. They are a close-knit family, and no one shows the tension to each other, but Salim Khan has been worried about the entire row ever since Salman Khan started getting threats. There is no confirmation on whether the Khans are actually planning to move out of Galaxy Apartments for a while or what plan of action is being considered by them.

By now, we have seen the ACP of Mumbai meeting Salman Khan and the security at Galaxy being beefed up. CM Eknath Shinde also had a word with the superstar over a call. His close friend Baba Siddiqui also came to Galaxy Apartments to meet the star and offer support. The police have been continuously investigating the case and have even set out teams to find the shooters in the city. Any further update on the investigation is awaited.

Here's What Happened

In the early hours of Sunday, two unidentified people on a bike came near Salman Khan's Mumbai residence, Galaxy apartment, and fired three rounds. The bullets hit a wall of the building and the gate. They sped off soon and were captured on the CCTV near the residence. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, Salman has been receiving threats for a while now. The last was when he received a mail from a UK-based person.

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