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Sapthami Gowda on Yuva – Siri is fiercely independent, but still stands by Yuva through thick and thin

Kantara fame Sapthami Gowda says that her role in Yuva, which releases on March 29, is more than just being the romantic interest of leading man, Yuva Rajkumar

Sapthami Gowda on Yuva  –  Siri is fiercely independent, but still stands by Yuva through thick and thin

Sapthami Gowda is the leading lady of Yuva

Last Updated: 09.23 PM, Mar 26, 2024


Sapthami Gowda is currently on her second film with Hombale Films, an opportunity that came to her after a casual visit to the banner’s office, where she did a look test with Yuva Rajkumar. Within a day the actress heard back from the team that she’d been selected as the leading lady of the film, an official announcement of which was made shortly thereafter. In the film, Sapthami is Siri, an engineering college student and Yuva’s love interest.


Director Santhosh Ananndram has not revealed much about Sapthami’s role, but for the very romantic song Kavitha Kavithe and a couple of quick shots in the trailer, but the actress says that Siri is more than just the love interest, which will be revealed when the film releases on March 29. What the actress does say about her role is that Siri, unlike her earlier characters Girija (Popcorn Monkey Tiger) and Leela (Kantara), is a modern-day college girl, with a clear perspective on how she wants her life to be. Also, this time around, she isn’t playing a married woman or a mother.

Sapthami Gowda as Siri in Yuva
Sapthami Gowda as Siri in Yuva

What Sapthami loved the most about the film is the family drama and emotions in the tale. The major plot point of Yuva is the conflict between the father and son, played by Achyuth Kumar and Yuva Rajkumar, with a role reversal in responsibilities as the narrative progresses. The second half of the film, she says, will be an emotional rollercoaster.

In the first half of the film is where the college gang war and the romantic angle pans out, and, during the fight on campus, her safety is at stake, which Yuva has to ensure at any cost. But besides that, Siri is also the kind of girl with her own set of values, wherein education is of utmost appearance and the need to make something out of her life.

Yet, no matter what, she also knows that she has to stick by Yuva through thick and thin. Most importantly, Siri gets an ‘elevation’ of her own, a glimpse of which was introduced in the trailer, which Sapthami is eagerly waiting to see how it has panned out and looks in the final edit.

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