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Stree ending explained - What really happens to Shraddha Kapoor in the end?

Raj & DK’s horror-comedy brought the best out of debutant director Amar Kaushik in 2018 in the Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor-starrer, Stree...

Stree ending explained - What really happens to Shraddha Kapoor in the end?


Last Updated: 08.36 PM, May 24, 2024


Filmmaker duo Raj & DK and Dinesh Vijan, known for their unique blend of humour and genre-bending narratives, provided the perfect platform for Amar Kaushik, who made his directorial debut with Stree in 2018. Even after seven years of its release, Stree has been receiving applause online. The entertaining blend of terror and laughter is still loved by many.

Stree plot

Festivals were once the most joyous parts of the year for the residents of Chanderi. But now fear has cast a gloomy shadow over them. Stree, a vengeful spirit, walks the streets of Chanderi at night, targeting only unmarried men during festival days. Refusing to live in terror, Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) and his friends, determined to expose the secret behind Stree’s revenge plot, team up with an unnamed newcomer to town (Shraddha Kapoor) to save the vanished men.


The ending of Stree

Some find the ending of Stree confusing, as it is left open to interpretation. The ending is set a year after the events occur. A statue of Stree has been erected in the town square, engraved with the words “Stree Protect Us”. This hints that rather than getting terrified, Chanderi’s people have begun to respect Stree. They have accepted their mistakes and embraced the spirit as a protector of Chanderi, giving her the respect that she craved. However, whether Stree truly found peace or completely lost her powers is something that viewers can't be sure of.

Why did Shraddha Kapoor's character help Vicky?

The makers beautifully hinted at a sequel to Stree at the end of the movie, leaving viewers with a series of questions burning inside them even to this day. Shraddha Kapoor’s unnamed character appears to have a purpose, which was not initially revealed. Throughout the movie, it is shown that she is just trying to save the men of Chanderi. However, her motive behind this remains shrouded in mystery.

The makers’ primary goal is to pique the audience’s interest and pave the way for an exciting sequel to Stree. Although there's nothing much revealed about Stree 2 for now, you can expect the story to delve deeper into Shraddha Kapoor’s character and the reason behind her actions in attaching the spirit’s hair to hers.

So, who is the real Stree?

The true identity of the spirit Stree is a mystery. While one can initially assume that Stree might be a vengeful young woman who met an unexpected demise, the movie cleverly leaves several clues at the end. One is keeping Shraddha Kapoor's character unnamed throughout the movie. One assumes that she is Stree. And this suspicion is further fuelled by the fact that she visits Chanderi once a year, coinciding with the time when Stree typically targets men.

This hints at a deeper connection, leaving the viewers wondering if Shraddha's character is more than just a helpful visitor and if she has her own mysterious purpose.

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