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The Baxters OTT release date - Watch the series remake of Karen Kingsbury’s best-selling novel on THIS platform

The Baxters OTT release date - The 10-episode series completed filming way back in 2018, and now it's releasing after six years, in 2024

The Baxters OTT release date - Watch the series remake of Karen Kingsbury’s best-selling novel on THIS platform

The Baxters

Last Updated: 02.13 AM, Feb 14, 2024


Get ready for The Baxters, a heartwarming 10-episode series coming soon on Prime Video this spring. Adapted from American novelist Karen Kingsbury's best-selling book, the show stars Roma Downey and Ted McGinley as the Baxters, a close family navigating life's joys and challenges. Downey steps into the shoes of Elizabeth Baxter, the family's strong and loving matriarch, while McGinley portrays John Baxter, her supportive husband. Despite filming in 2018 and originally backed by LightWorkers Media, The Baxters finds its new home on Prime Video.

Where to watch The Baxters

The first season revolves around the Baxters’ daughter Kari (Ali Cobrin), who discovers her professor husband Tim (Brandon Hirsch) is having an affair with one of his students. Kari must find comfort in her family and faith to discover if love is a choice or if her marriage can be redeemed. The Baxters will be released on March 28, 2024, only on Amazon Prime Video.


The Baxters story

The Baxters have five adult children. When the storms hit their marriage, Kari finds solace in the warm faith and the loving arms of her parents and siblings. In this powerful exploration of love and resilience, The Baxters embark on a transformative journey, confronting life's hurdles with renewed strength and re-discovering the profound choice that lies at the heart of their love.


The Baxters' Season 1 has a star-studded cast including Masey McLain, Josh Plasse, Cassidy Gifford, Reilly Anspaugh, and Emily Peterson. Adding further star power in pivotal roles are Kathie Lee Gifford, Jake Allyn, Damien Leake, and Orel De La Mota, alongside the main cast.

The Baxters first adaptation, a sitcom

Kingsbury's The Baxters underwent a dramatic transformation. First launched as a sitcom, the original version aired from 1979 to 1980, struggled with ratings and was canceledit faced cancellation. Enter a Canadian firm, who saw potential and breathed new life into the show. Moving production to Toronto and casting entirely new actors, they reinvented The Baxters for a Canadian audience. Though short-lived (1980-1981), this second iteration showcased the show's adaptability. Now after more than four decades, it's coming back as a 10-episode series on Prime Video, with some new twists and turns, and new technology.

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