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The Bricklayer OTT release date – Here’s where you can watch Aaron Eckhart’s espionage thriller

The Bricklayer OTT release date – The Bricklayer is an espionage thriller, featuring the talented likes of Aaron Eckhart, Nina Dobrev, and Clifton Collins Jr. in the leading roles.

The Bricklayer OTT release date – Here’s where you can watch Aaron Eckhart’s espionage thriller
Nina Dobrev and Aaron Eckart in The Bricklayer

Last Updated: 10.16 AM, Mar 21, 2024


The Bricklayer is a brand-new action thriller directed by Renny Harlin of Die Hard 2 fame, who is also going to direct three new sequels to the horror film franchise of The Strangers. The film’s script was written by Hanna Weg and Matt Johnson, and it was based on a 2010 novel by Paul Lindsay (under his pseudonym Noah Boyd) of the same name. The Bricklayer is finally ready for its international OTT debut this summer.

The Bricklayer OTT release date and trailer


The Bricklayer was released in theatres on January 5, 2024, and was later available to buy or rent on some OTT platforms. But the film will be making its debut on Netflix on April 11, 2024, thereby reaching farther shores from the US and UK, including India. With an official trailer released back in December 2023 as well as an official logline, viewers were offered a decent idea of the film without giving away the entire plot.

Name of Movie The Bricklayer
Director Renny Harlin 
Genre Action Thriller
Release Date April 11, 2024
OTT Platform Netflix

The Bricklayer plot

The Bricklayer follows Aaron Eckhart’s ex-CIA hard-core field agent Steve Vail, who enjoys his retirement by laying bricks and repairing or building structures. The form and function of a brick, its uniformity and versatility give him peace as it cannot surprise him. But peace rarely remains with those who revel in it, as the world requires their expertise and knowledge soon enough.

The same happens to Steve. When a new growing threat, who had been presumed dead previously, begins killing international journalists one after another and frames the CIA for the murders, chaos breaks out at an international level. With multiple countries ready to enter the battlefield opposing the United States, Vail is coaxed, convinced, and brought back somehow to aid the CIA in eliminating the threat, his former mentee-cum-friend Radek.

The Bricklayer cast

The trailer is full of action-packed scenes, with the only oddity being Vail fighting goons with bricklaying tools, forever true to his trade. The Bricklayer features an ensemble cast, starring the likes of Aaron Eckhart as Steve Vail, Nina Dobrev as Kate, his junior CIA agent partner, Clifton Collins Jr. As Radek, the former CIA agent now gone rogue, Tim Blake Nelson as O’Malley, the director of CIA, Ilfenesh Hadera as Tye, Vail’s old flame, and Ori Pfeffer as Sten.

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