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The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 review – The suspense finally picks up, but the series is still skippable!

Starring Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, and Hong Su-zu as the leading trio - The Impossible Heir is a thriller-revenge K-drama, streaming on Disney+Hotstar

The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 review – The suspense finally picks up, but the series is still skippable!
The Impossible Heir trio: Tae-Oh, Hye-won and In-ha

Last Updated: 05.25 PM, Mar 29, 2024


The Impossible Heir Episode 9–10 Story

In the recently premiered episodes, the story follows the rescue of Tae-Oh, while In-ha continues his evil deeds and crazy attitude to overthrow everyone in order to climb the corporate ladder. In-ha meets the chairman, and after a bitter confrontation where he discovers that his father is not going to give him his name or any position, he becomes furious, and his behaviour causes the chairman to lose his health. In-ha then leaves his father to die in the bathtub, but Hee-joo saves him at the last moment.

We also witness In-ha and Tae-oh's faceoff when the former discovers that his foe is being hidden by his father. Tae-oh also clears his name from the murder accusation charge (Injoo's death) after finding the phone evidence that brings out the real killers, Inha and Gi Jun.

The Impossible Heir Episode 9–10 Review

Directed by Min Yeon Hong and Lee Hyang Bon, the tale of power struggles and conspiracies continues in The Impossible Heir. The series, which began as a story about three underdogs who team up after discovering that they have the same intentions and are facing the same injustices, suddenly spirals, with one of them turning against the other two.

In-ha’s suddenly becoming a villain fails to impress, despite Lee Jun Young's intense expressions and acting chops, as the character lacks depth and a robust backstory. Meanwhile, the chairman’s survival after near drowning and cardiac arrest seem to be dragging the story.

The show lacks focus and emotion. Viewers are unable to connect with any of the characters because of the flawed execution and narration.


The episode ends with Tae-oh trying to save the chairman after his own son, In-ha, almost kills him. Next week, the entire series will wind up; the only unexplored plot as of now is the romance angle. Although Hye-won and Tae-oh's characters lacked chemistry, it is still intriguing to watch if they end up together or in misery.

The Impossible Heir Episode 9–10 verdict

This business thriller is a twisted drama that loses its balance with each new episode. However, as compared to earlier episodes, the two recent ones have good performances, and the friendship fallout contributes to the story with unexpected suspense. But despite everything, several loopholes in the story and character development have dimmed the interest of viewers, and even 12 episodes feel like a burden.

Skip this for a peaceful week!

The Impossible Heir is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and will conclude next week.

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