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The Wages of Fear OTT release date - The French remake of the dangerous oil explosion will release on THIS platform

The Wages of Fear OTT release date - The 1950s iconic explosive thriller drama Wages of Fear gets a remake version, with Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir and Ana Girardot, playing the lead roles

The Wages of Fear OTT release date - The French remake of the dangerous oil explosion will release on THIS platform

The Wages of Fear 2024

Last Updated: 07.22 PM, Jan 30, 2024


Seventy years after its groundbreaking debut in 1953, the iconic French thriller - The Wages of Fear returns to the screen in a new incarnation. This remake stands as a testament to the film's enduring power and its profound impact on global audiences. The original's relentless intensity, edge-of-your-seat adventure, and unflinching exploration of human desperation resonated deeply with viewers and cemented its place as a cinematic masterpiece.

When and where to watch The Wages of Fear

A breathtaking glimpse Netflix dropped today, a one-minute-twenty-one-second enigma packed with explosive action, apocalyptic devastation, and a harrowing flight to safety across international borders. What shadowy forces are at play? Where is humanity headed? This teaser is a masterclass in suspense, leaving audiences desperate for answers. The Wages of Fear will be released on March 29, 2024 only on Netflix.

Movie name The Wages of Fear
Genre Thriller-adventure
Language French
Based on The Wages of Fear (1953)
Director Julien Leclercq
Cast Ana Girardot, Frank Gastambide, Safiane, Alben Lenoir, Birol Tarkan Yildiz, Joseph Daddelem
OTT platform Netflix
Release date March 29, 2024

The Wages of Fear story

Deep in the rainforest in the US, a faraway oil field needs a special kind of medicine called nitroglycerine. A big oil company hires four men to drive it there in two trucks. The roads are bumpy and scary, and the men don't like each other much. They race and argue, but every bump could make the medicine explode and boom! So they have to be careful, even if it means working together.

How did Netflix tease us?

The teaser gives us a sneak peek into the story, where it shows people are doing a super dangerous job. A secret group has to drive a super-explosive material called nitroglycerine to stop something big from blowing up. Will they make it? We don't know yet, but it's going to give some nail-biting chills. Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Ana Girardot, and Sofiane Zermani are playing the lead roles.


The Wages of Fear's prestigious accolads

 Showered with prestigious accolades like Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1953 to the BAFTA Award for Best Film in 1955, the original film remains a benchmark of cinematic excellence. Its raw power and unflinching depiction of human desperation resonated with audiences and critics alike, earning it a place as one of the greatest films ever made. Now the remake brings this timeless story to a new generation, offering a chance to witness why the original was so universally praised.

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