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Too Close OTT release date - Here's when and where to watch the BAFTA-nominated mini-series in India

Too Close OTT release date - This 3-episode British series will be available for streaming next month.

Too Close OTT release date - Here's when and where to watch the BAFTA-nominated mini-series in India

Too Close 

Last Updated: 11.08 PM, Jul 01, 2024


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Too Close, the British mini-series, is gearing up for its release in India. Starring Denise Gough, Thalissa Teixeira and Emily Watson, this BAFTA-nominated mini-series was released in 2021.

When to watch Too Close?

The British thriller series is coming soon on August 16, 2024, only on Vrott. Too Close is based on the 2018 namesake novel, written by Clara Salaman under the pen name, Natalie Daniels. The British mini-series has only three episodes with a duration of one hour each.


Too Close plot

Dr. Emma Robertson, a reputed and seasoned psychiatrist, gets appointed to conduct a comprehensive psychological evaluation of Connie Mortensen, a wealthy and seemingly devoted mother, who has been accused of committing a shocking crime.

As Dr. Emma delves deeper into the case, she must navigate the intricate web of Connie’s mental state, exploring the underlying motivations, and thoughts that may have driven her to commit such a heinous crime, all the while questioning the true nature of guilt, innocence, and the human psyche.

With her expertise, Dr. Emma must ascertain whether Connie’s actions were a calculated move or a symptom of a deeper psychological issue. 

What does the trailer show?

The trailer begins with Dr. Emma sharing the peculiar case of Connie with her husband. The background music gives a spooky vibe. We get to see Emma visit Connie’s house in the morning by introducing herself as a forensic psychiatrist.

Just when the scene gets more suspicious, the trailer takes us back to some flashbacks of Connie’s life. We get to see her enjoying every bit of her life with her little daughter. The mother-daughter duo is seen playing catch-catch on a playground.

Next, Emma asks Connie why she did not tell her what happened that night. We also get to see Emma explaining something about grief in the background. There are also some aggressive moments as Connie and Emma yell at each other.

What exactly happened to Connie? Did her daughter die? If yes, then what was the reason? Get all your answers on August 16.

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