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Vedhika slams stray dog being chased and kicked at IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans

Animal cruelty has become our national sport, said Vedhika in a long social statement about the viral video of security and ground staff chasing the petrified dog away

Vedhika slams stray dog being chased and kicked at IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans
Vedhika was livid at the way a dog was kicked around like a football at an IPL match in Gujarat

Last Updated: 12.44 PM, Mar 27, 2024


Gaana actress and animal lover Vedhika is never one to keep quiet about violence against animals, no matter in which corner of the world it occurs. The actress, who was campaigning for stronger laws against animal cruelty following a shooting of two dogs in Britain, is now speaking up for a poor voiceless dog back home in India.

Dog chased and kicked at stadium in Gujarat

There’s a video of a stray dog invading the stadium during an Indian Premier League match between the Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans, with security and ground staff trying to get the four-legged intruder out. The problem with this video is that their reaction to the dog was to chase and kick it and leaving it scurrying across the field petrified. It is unclear what eventually transpired and if the canine was sent outside stadium limits without any harm being done, but the few seconds of the video was enough to have the blood of any animal rights activist boil.

Taking to social media, Vedhika shared the video and a long post condemning the actions. The actress was appalled that all the ‘human beings’ present at the stadium were on the same page with this approach of kicking, hitting and ganging up on a defenceless dog that was literally running for its life. “It feels like as if hitting animals and animal cruelty has become our national sport. It’s high time animal cruelty is made a non bailable offence 🙏I really hope this dog is alive n not killed for entering the stadium,” she wrote as part of her post.

Interestingly, Vedhika is not the only celebrity who has spoken up against the incident, with Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan also sharing the video and writing that a dog is not a football to be kicked around. Several netizens have also taken to social media berating the match organizers for the handling of this field invasion.

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