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Watch: Diljit Dosanjh moves to tears as Imtiaz Ali praises his transformation into Amar Singh Chamkila

Tears flow as Imtiaz Ali hails Diljit Dosanjh's performance at Amar Singh Chamkila trailer launch.

Watch: Diljit Dosanjh moves to tears as Imtiaz Ali praises his transformation into Amar Singh Chamkila
Diljit Dosanjh; Imtiaz Ali at Amar Singh Chamkila trailer launch

Last Updated: 04.15 PM, Mar 28, 2024


Netflix unveiled the trailer for Amar Singh Chamkila at a grand event in Mumbai today, after a long and worthy wait. Imtiaz Ali, the captain of the ship, graced the trailer launch alongside Diljit Dosanjh, who plays the titular role; Parineeti Chopra, who will portray Amarjot Singh; and AR Rahman, the man behind all the soul-stirring tracks from the film. At the event, Imtiaz lavished praise on his leading stars, who embodied the iconic couple assassinated at the tender age of 27.

Imtiaz Ali: Diljit Dosanjh embodies Amar Singh Chamkila on screen

While talking about shooting for the film, the filmmaker revealed that it didn't feel like Diljit was performing; it was Chamkila out there standing in front of the live audience. Imtiaz was heard saying, "Diljit has performed in a land where everybody is scared to even look at him because he's such a big star. We're talking about small towns in Punjab."

The director further praised the actor-singer by stating, "The crew and cast, and everyone there, was convinced that this was happening in real and that Chamkila is performing. Diljit was not there."

Diljit Dosanjh overwhelmed by Imtiaz Ali's praise

On hearing these words by Imtiaz, "So I can guarantee you that this man did not know who he is. He was just Chamkila," Diljit burst into tears, feeling overwhelmed.

Check out the video below:

Parineeti Chopra: A perfect fit for the role of Amarjot Singh

Imtiaz also praised Parineeti along with Diljit by saying, "I feel that without Diljit and Parineeti, this film couldn’t have been made. I hope when you all watch it, you realise why I say so."

He added, "Parineeti was also the number-one choice. When I met her, she told me, 'I have been waiting for five years to do a film where I can sing.' I said, 'This is such a film.' She replied, 'I am on.' And I replied, 'Wow!'"


On April 12, 2024, Amar Singh Chamkila will debut on Netflix.

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