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When Raghuvaran regretted becoming an actor: 'I'd have been happier as a farmer'

Here's a throwback video in which late movie icon Raghuvaran expressed regret over becoming an actor. 

When Raghuvaran regretted becoming an actor: 'I'd have been happier as a farmer'
Raghuvaran died on March 19, 2008. (Photo: Twitter/Rohini Molleti)

Last Updated: 04.37 PM, Mar 20, 2023


Actor Rohini Molleti on Sunday remembered her late ex-husband Raghuvaran on his 15th death anniversary. Raghuvaran passed away following a cardiac arrest in 2008. In her Twitter post, Rohini recalled that Raghuvaran would have enjoyed "this phase of cinema."

"March 19th 2008 started as a normal day but changed everything for me and Rishi. Raghu would have loved this phase of cinema so much and he’d have been happier as an actor too," Rohini wrote on her Twitter account.

Rohini's comment on her ex-husband reminds us of an old interview in which Raghuvaran had expressed his regret over becoming an actor. On the popular celebrity talk show, Raghuvaran was asked what he considers the biggest mistake in his life. 

"Becoming an actor," said Raghuvaran without any hesitation. 

"I would have been happier making a living as a farmer. I would have been content with whatever little earnings I made from selling my harvest. I would have slept looking at my crops, and hoping for rain. I would have kept chickens, sheep, and dogs and fed them. I would have needed just one person to keep me company. That's life. What we are living is not," he had opined. k


And Raghuvaran also won the gift hamper for his responses on the show. 

Raghuvaran was a highly dedicated actor. His tall, thin frame and baritone voice gave him a distinct edge over his contemporaries. He carved a niche for himself by bringing a maverick edge to all his performances. All his performances had an underlying nervous tension, especially the villain roles. It won't be wrong to say he was one of the best villains ever produced by Tamil cinema. To understand the genius of Raghuvaran as an actor, you have to look at his performance in Puriyaadha Pudhir. He would have used different variations of 'I know' to convey his anger, frustration, and suspension while threatening to hurt his wife and her friend. 

Raghuvaran's passing at the age of 49 deprived the Indian film industry of once-in-a-generation talent. 

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