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X-Men ‘97 introduces Bastion as the new supervillain with insane superpowers - Here's everything you should know about this new danger

The seventh episode of X-Men ‘97 came with a new big bad and you were not prepared for him. 

X-Men ‘97 introduces Bastion as the new supervillain with insane superpowers - Here's everything you should know about this new danger
Meet Bastion, The New Big Bad Of X-Men '97

Last Updated: 01.25 PM, Apr 25, 2024


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made a significant impact in the world of entertainment with the latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, which presented the first look of Wolverine, reprised by Hugh Jackman. The Multiverse saga is set to be dominated by mutants who are swiftly integrating into the MCU with many upcoming projects. However, before the live-action world is fully engaged with this new trajectory, the animated wing has already been marked by the mutants with the revival of the animated show X-Men ‘97, which is now successfully running on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar (in India).

X-Men ‘97, following the episodic release format, has captivated all the fans who continue to eagerly await new episodes every week. However, this week was particularly special for fans for many reasons. It was a crucial episode that featured many reunions, unions, and a couple of significant introductions. While Rogue joining hands with Captain America was the highlight of the episode, exciting fans to see them collaborate, none were expecting the introduction of a supervillain who would take us all by surprise.

Who Is This New Supervillain?

Until now, X-Men ‘97 has showcased the mutants saving the day with no significant antagonist in sight. The show has now finally revealed the big bad, and most of us were neither ready nor expecting this comic character to be introduced. The new formidable foe that the mutants will now have to combat in the animated Disney+ show is Bastion, voiced by Theo James, famous for The White Lotus. Bastion is a mutant-hating machine and one of the most deadly villains in the comics. The makers chose a very dramatic entry for him that created sufficient hype, finally introducing him as the prime antagonist that the mutants will have to defeat in the first season of the much-loved show.

Who Is Bastion?

In the latest X-Men ‘97 episode, Bastion was introduced as the main villain, who is collaborating with Mr. Sinister and also introduced the Prime Sentinels. This means that the X-Men now face a very complex villain to fight because, in a way, Bastion was their own creation. How so? Well, the human-sentinel hybrid was first created when the advanced Sentinel prototype Nimrod was absorbed by the Sentinel Master Mold. The X-Men then passed the amalgamation through the Siege Perilous in an attempt to defeat it.

The amalgamation managed to survive the Siege Perilous and was reborn as a human-sentinel hybrid that was even more dangerous. Discovered by a woman, he was taken home by her and named Sebastian Gilberti. As time passed, he developed a hatred for mutants and joined forces with groups that wanted to eradicate mutants from the planet, including the Friends of Humanity, who pitted Bastion against the mutants again.

Bastion possesses superhuman strength and also harbours the Techno-Organic Virus, which helps him control techno-mechanic materials. He can even reanimate the dead and create a vast mental network. Imagine the level of destruction he can cause. Bastion was first introduced back in 1996 in X-Men Vol. 2.

X-Men ‘97 releases new episodes every Wednesday. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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