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Mix Up Review - An over-the-top, silly, and emotionless drama that fails to click from the word go

Mix Up Review - The adult drama is about two couples played by Aadarsh Balakrishna, Akshara Gowda, Kamal Kamaraju, and Pooja Khaveri 

Mix Up Review - An over-the-top, silly, and emotionless drama that fails to click from the word go

Mix Up Poster

Last Updated: 05.27 PM, Mar 15, 2024


Mix Up Story

The film is about two couples. Aadarsh Balakrishna and Pooja Jhaveri are a couple who do not get along well. The same is the case with Kamal Kamaraju and Akshara Gowda. There is a twist in the tale when Aadarsh Balakrishna and Akshara Gowda get physically involved on a holiday, leaving their respective spouses in shock. This leads to Kamal Kamaraju and Pooja Jhaveri being heartbroken and finding solace in each other. How all this happens is the basic story of Mix Up which is now streaming on Aha.  

Mic Up Review

Mix Up is directed by Aakash Bikki and shows today's relationships are vulnerable and can break after a small issue. The same has been showcased through two couples in this film but the way it has been narrated looks over-the-top and silly. One can call it vulgar in many ways as well.

There is nothing wrong with showing how today's broad-minded couples ditch their partners for others but there is emotional baggage that leads to all of this. That is left in the corner and what we get to see is a couple who cheat their partners just for the sake of it and get physically involved. They have no back story or proper purpose to defend their actions.

In Mix Up, Aadarsh Balakrishna and Akshara Gowda are shown as the ones who are only after physical bonding, whereas the other two are shown as emotional fools. The director should have struck a balance in showcasing the bold parts, but that does not happen. There is a scene in Mix Up where Kamal Kamaraju breaks down when he sees his wife getting physically involved with someone else. This scene would have been heartbreaking for anyone. Although Kamal tried hard, the way the entire scene was executed looks silly.

MIx Up
MIx Up

The ones who are cheating on their partners also have no dignity or the guts to reveal this to the world and all they do is make out. In a way, Mix Up is not an erotic drama that keeps you interested or an emotional drama that makes you feel for the ones who get cheated on. There are endless scenes that test your patience and one finds it hard to understand what the director is trying to portray.

Aadarsh Balakrishna is the best of the lot and plays his part quite sincerely. His character has negative shades. He plays them with ease and has no qualms about being bold in various scenes. Akshara Gowda looks gorgeous in her half-baked role. A proper arc would have made it easier for viewers to understand their basic emotional state of mind.

The other two cheated, played by Kamal Kamaraju and Pooja Jhaveri, look weak in their roles. All this happens due to the lack of depth in the writing and characters. Their emotional arc should have been highlighted a bit more by the director to showcase the climax the way he did.


But all this does not happen and Mix Up ends as a real mix-up of silly emotions, cheesy romance, and boring drama. The best part of the film is that it is only one and a half hours long and gets over quickly. The entire film is shot at a resort. The camera work is good, but the editing, screenplay, and writing are so bad, and the icing on the cake are the swear words, which have you feeling irritated throughout the film.

Mix Up Verdict

On the whole, Mix Up is a silly, over-the-top, and vulgar adult drama that has nothing going its way. Akshara Gowda and Aadarsh Balakrishna play their parts sincerely but the rest of the film is cheesy and leaves you with a headache.

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