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Deadpool & Wolverine teaser breakdown - X-Men universe collides with MCU; epic Easter Eggs revealed!

The Deadpool & Wolverine teaser promises an epic multiverse ride.

Deadpool & Wolverine teaser breakdown - X-Men universe collides with MCU; epic Easter Eggs revealed!
Deadpool & Wolverine

Last Updated: 10.49 AM, Feb 12, 2024


You won't believe your eyes when you see all the Marvel movie references and Easter eggs in the first Deadpool & Wolverine teaser. The upcoming film is shaping up to be an epic multiversal adventure with references to the current Deadpool franchise, Fox's ending X-Men universe, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

Deadpool's encounter with the TVA

The new footage from Deadpool & Wolverine confirms that Wade Wilson's birthday is the starting point for Deadpool's permanent time-travel adventures, as established in the previous film. Thus, a modified Time Variance Authority has brought Wade face-to-face with the repercussions, and their showdown appears to be the catalyst for Deadpool's incorporation into the larger MCU. Therefore, in the first teaser for Deadpool & Wolverine, present all of the allusions and hidden messages to previous Marvel films.


Deadpool & Wolverine alludes to Deadpool 2 and the original Deadpool on many occasions. This may involve the return of certain people or even the reenactment of certain scenes set during Deadpool's apparent conflict with the TVA.

The first scene of Deadpool & Wolverine takes place during Wade Wilson's birthday party, where characters from Deadpool's past appear. Despite their deaths in Deadpool 2, this still includes his X-Force squad and his wife Vanessa. Deadpool's run-in with the TVA was caused by Wade's time-travel antics, which were canonically brought back at the end of the film.

Deadpool urges the TVA agents to wait as he raises a hand near the end of the caravan, as they're encircling him. In the original Deadpool film, there's a moment on the highway where Deadpool famously says, "So the bad guys can't see me bleed." This scenario is reminiscent of that remark. As such, Wade may be riffing on this identical scene with the TVA's Minute Men.

Easter Eggs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

As a result of the TVA and a certain Mr. Paradox (Matthew Macfadyen), Wade becomes immersed in the MCU and is offered the opportunity to become a hero in Deadpool & Wolverine. So, TVA monitors will be able to spot Easter eggs and moments from previous MCU films.

Mr. Paradox presents Wade with numerous representations of the well-known MCU. These photographs include all the original Avengers from Age of Ultron, including Iron Man. Finally, Thor: Ragnarok ends with a shot of an electrified Thor.

The TVA monitors feature hilarious scenes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As a nod to Wade Wilson's adoration of Steve Rogers in the source material, this encourages Deadpool to pay tribute to the Star Spangled Man with a Plan.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also visible in the expansive wastelands depicted in the Deadpool & Wolverine teaser. Like Loki from Marvel, this is probably the End of Time Void. 

Just before Wolverine retrieves Deadpool at the very end of the clip, the scene shows Wade lying on the ground beside a battered old comic book. Remarkably, the battered old comic book on the ground beside Wade at the end of the clip hints at a problem with the Secret Wars crossover from 2015, suggesting that Deadpool & Wolverine would set the stage for Avengers: Secret Wars, scheduled for release in 2027.

References to Fox's Marvel films

The new Deadpool & Wolverine teaser also includes allusions to previous Marvel films made by Fox. In addition to potential ties to Fox's Fantastic Four films, 20th Century Fox, characters from the X-Men franchise that recently ended, and other Marvel properties are also making cameo appearances.

A masked figure appears in the trailer, and at first glance, he seems to resemble Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four's iconic adversary. On the other hand, this desert spot might be home to some kind of scavenger. Nonetheless, he appears to be operating an apparatus, suggesting that it could be Victor von Doom.

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine appearance

The Deadpool & Wolverine teaser ends with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Still, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool hasn't revealed which Wolverine version will be accompanying him. His origins are uncertain; he could be from the X-Men series on Fox, Earth-838 from Doctor Strange's Multiverse of Madness, the live-action X-Men, or perhaps another universe.

As the trailer draws to a close, Deadpool is shown battling against the partially buried 20th-Century Fox emblem. If these wastelands really are the Void at the End of Time, then it is highly likely that the TVA cut down the original Fox universe.

Aaron Stanford (X2, X-Men: The Last Stand) triumphantly returns to these same wastelands as Pyro. This reveal strongly hints at Deadpool and Logan teaming up to battle an end-of-the-world variant of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in the Void.

Marvel Studios has scheduled the release of Deadpool & Wolverine for July 26, 2024.