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January 2024, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Cheran's Journey, Echo to Killer Soup, The Legend of Hanuman Season 3

In the second week of January 2024, many Italian, English, Japanese, Polish, Hindi, Swedish, Tamil, and Telugu titles will be released on OTT.

January 2024, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Cheran's Journey, Echo to Killer Soup, The Legend of Hanuman Season 3
Cheran's Journey; Echo; Killer Soup; The Legend of Hanuman Season 3

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Jan 09, 2024


A wide variety of interesting series and films will be available on streaming services in the second week of January 2024, so be ready for a thrilling week of binge-watching. This week's schedule is jam-packed with captivating stories, from Killer Soup to Echo. Discover the most anticipated titles across many platforms, guaranteeing pleasure for all tastes as you delve into the worlds of crime, drama, humour, and fantasy.

Learn about the titles releasing in the second week of January 2024 in detail below:

Adire - January 12 (Netflix)

Retired prostitute Adire, who is on the run, settles into a tiny village and launches a lingerie business using her distinctive Adire fabric. This, of course, gives conservative women a voice. Only to enrage Folasade, the town's deaconess and wife of the pastor, who has a strong sense of self-imposed leadership. In the most unexpected locations, she finds love and the most peculiar friendships. Captain, her ex-pimp, whom she had taken money from to start a new life, cuts short her paradise.

Boy Swallows Universe - January 11 (Netflix)

A father who has vanished, a brother who is mute, a mother who is battling addiction, a stepfather who deals heroin, and a babysitter who is infamous for his criminal past. The interference of fate continues to obstruct Eli Bell's pursuit of moral integrity and personal growth despite the difficulties he faces.

Break Point Season 2 - January 10 (Netflix)

During another demanding Grand Slam season, the best tennis players in the world hit the courts with the goal of winning it all.

Champion - January 11 (Netflix)

After serving his sentence, rapper Bosco is prepared to make a triumphant return to the music industry. However, their family bond is tested as Bosco's sister Vita takes centre stage.

Cheran's Journey - January 12 (SonyLIV)

There will be some exciting and wonderful moments since five people have made it to the final round of job applications. The actors playing these roles—Kashyap Barbhaya (Nitesh Gupta), Prasanna (Raghav Isakkimuthu), Aari Arujunan (S Pranav), Divyabharathi (Latha Vijayakumar Reddy), and Kalaiyarasan (Ameer Sulthan)—must be exceptionally driven and clean-shaven to be eligible for the role. But it doesn't seem to be that easy for the people who made it this far.

Criminal Record - January 10 (AppleTV+)

After receiving an anonymous call, two cops in the middle of London become entangled in a struggle to rectify a long-ago injustice.

Detective Forst - January 11 (Netflix)

A detective teams up with a journalist to uncover a string of savage killings outside of the legal system after his unconventional methods lead to his suspension.

Di4ries Season 2 - January 9 (Netflix)

Marina Piccola and the second-year class feel like things of the past now that summer is over. The pupils remain constant (or nearly so), but after a short period of time, it appears as though everything has transformed. And things will keep changing, which is fine because we are living in a time of unprecedented transformation.

Dumb Money - January 13 (Netflix)

Based on the insane true story of regular individuals who turned Wall Street on its head and became wealthy by transforming GameStop (yep, the mall videogame store) into the most talked-about company in the world, Dumb Money is the quintessential David vs. Goliath narrative. At the centre of it all is just an ordinary guy named Keith Gill, who posts about how he sunk his life savings into the stock and starts it all. His social media posts go viral, impacting his life and the lives of everyone who follows him. Everyone becomes rich when a stock tip becomes a movement—until the billionaires fight back and everything turns upside down for them.

Echo - January 11 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Echo's origin narrative revisits Maya Lopez, who finds herself confronted with the consequences of her heartless actions in the Big Apple upon returning to her hometown. Embracing the significance of family and community, facing her Native American ancestry, and facing her history are all necessary for her to go on.

Extra Ordinary Man - January 12 (Disney+ Hotstar)

A junior artist named Abhinay (or "Abhi") tries and fails several times to break into the mainstream acting industry. After that, he takes over as head of his lover Likitha's business. Surprisingly, he finds himself in a film-like situation where he faces off against a criminal called Nero, challenging him to be defeated. What happens next is based on his deeds and how Nero responds to them.

Killer Soup - January 11 (Netflix)

A news article served as the loose inspiration for the series, which follows the fictitious town of Mainjur and its amateur heroes, villains, and everyone in between through a series of fast-paced events. Aspiring chef Swathi Shetty only wants everyone to taste her paya soup. She and her partner end up in hot water after an accident triggers a chain reaction of blunders and hurried cover-ups.

Kingdom 3: The Flame of Destiny - January 10 (Netflix)

The film features the return of the illustrious Great General Ou Ki to the field. Ou Ki, Zheng (Ying Zheng), and Shin all cross paths, and from that moment on, fate begins to play out. In addition, Kyo will be joining "Kingdom" as Shika, a stunning woman who embodies both maternal impulses and a strong sense of justice! As the young Zheng is destined to become the king of Qin, how will Shika, a sinister merchant, risk everything to accompany him from the Zhao state to Qin?

La Brea Season 3 - January 10 (JioCinema)

In La Brea, a huge sinkhole develops in Los Angeles, engulfing buildings and people in a mysterious and perilous primal realm. The survivors of this epic family adventure must work together to live. Season 2 finds the Harris family still apart, with Eve still hurting over her son Josh's accidental trip to 1988. Little does she know that her estranged husband Gavin and their daughter Izzy have crashed in ancient Seattle and must now endure the perils of the wilderness on their journey to Los Angeles.

Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero - January 10 (Netflix)

The hero Max vanquished the Demon Lord a decade ago. The Demon Lord dove into a deep sleep to restore his strength, but upon awakening, his body was merely a miniature representation of its terrifying appearance. In his latest mission to uncover his adversary's whereabouts, the Demon Lord pays a visit to Max, only to find the powerful hero residing in an unclean one-room flat. He moves in with Max, the Demon Lord, to assist his former adversary in regaining his formidableness.

Lift - January 12 (Netflix)

Under the leadership of Cyrus Whitaker (Kevin Hart), a multinational heist squad rushes to steal $500 million worth of gold from a passenger airliner while it's in the air at 40,000 feet.

Love is Blind: Sweden - January 12 (Netflix)

Local people in Sweden are participating in the unusual dating experiment by proposing to one another before ever meeting in person in their quest for true love.

Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli - January 9 (Netflix)

In this stand-up special, comedian Pete Davidson lets loose on a wide range of topics, including his creepy stalker present and his teenage obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Role Play - January 12 (Prime Video)

When Emma and her husband David decide to spice up their marriage with some role-playing, David finds out about Emma's secret life as an assassin for hire. Emma lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her two children and a loving spouse.

Sengoku Youko - January 10 (Netflix)

Humans and monsters known as katawara make up two sides of the global divide. Even though she is a katawara, Tama loves humans and is willing to fight for their safety from harm—even if it means facing her own kind. But her sibling Jinka despises people, even though he is mostly human. Shinsuke, a timid swordsman who aspires to develop strength, joins the siblings. The gang resolves to vanquish their oppressors, no matter the cost, after discovering a scheme to experiment on humans and turn them into monsters.

Sonic Prime Season 3  - January 11 (Netflix)

Sonic must form an odd alliance with unlikely allies in order to save the shatterverse as he knows it from Nine's plan to build his own universe with the paradox prism.

Ted - January 12 (JioCinema)

The hilarious prequel event series to the Ted movie takes place in 1993, after Ted's stardom has faded. At the moment, he resides in Framingham, Massachusetts, with his closest companion, John Bennett, who is sixteen years old, as well as John's parents, Matty and Susan, and cousin Blaire. Ted is a faithful buddy who isn't afraid to take a risk for friendship, even though he's a terrible influence on John.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 - January 12 (Disney+ Hotstar)

When Pavanputra Hanuman sets foot on Lanka, he vents his fury at Ravan. Witness the epic battle between this mythical warrior and the demon ruler.

The Trust: A Game of Greed - January 10 (Netflix)

Eleven random people receive $250,000 to divide equally. Is it going to be their turn to take a bite? Or will they vote each other out of office in pursuit of greater financial gain? Because animosity and selfishness may break even the most solid bonds, it is the pinnacle of human frailty. Everyone has an equal chance of winning at the beginning of the game and can continue to do so until the end if they want to split the pot. Strangers vie for a piece of $250,000 in this reality show. Are they going to divide it up equally or try to outdo each other?

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