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Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt or Glen Powell? Fans make wild guesses as reports claim James Gunn has found his Booster Gold for DCU

DCU has reportedly found an actor to play Booster Gold and fans are busy taking guesses as we speak. 

Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt or Glen Powell? Fans make wild guesses as reports claim James Gunn has found his Booster Gold for DCU
Glen Powell, Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling, and Booster Gold

Last Updated: 03.30 PM, Feb 26, 2024


The work in the DCU campus has now begun in full swing, and the updates make it sound like we are gearing up for many confirmed announcements from the realm in the near future. While the only project making a loud buzz at the moment is Superman: Legacy, and rightly so because the movie has been in pre-production for what felt like forever and James Gunn went on floors with it this week, the pictures from the sets scream happiness, there is now another news from the campus making buzz.

DCU Bosses Find Their Booster Gold

If the latest rumors are to go by, there is a possibility that the DCU bosses have now found their Booster Gold in an undisclosed actor. While there is no name attached to the rumors, that is not stopping the fans from having their guesses about the same.

According to a scooper, MCM Culture, James Gunn and Peter Safran have probably found an actor to play Booster Gold in the DCU and have even finalized and cast him for the same. While the name of the actor hasn’t been disclosed in the rumors, there have been too many demands from the fans of the universe for Glen Powell to be cast as the superhero. So it was given that when such a rumor would make it to the mainstream, fans would scream his name to the top of their ability. But turns out he is not the only name in the pool.

The comment section of the post by the scooper is now full of guesses. However, it is given that Glen Powell is indeed winning the fan demand race, and almost everyone wants him to be Booster Gold. However, the other two names in the mix are Barbie star Ryan Gosling and Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt. The former has been in contention for many superheroes for a long time. The last we heard, he was eyed to play Reed Richards in Marvel’s The Fantastic Four; later, it was said that the studio is in discussion with him to play Nova. There have been no updates on that ever since.

How Can Chris Pratt Join DCU?

As for Chris Pratt, he is James Gunn’s close friend and muse for one of his most celebrated works, The Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise, where he played Star-Lord. Over the last past one year, there has been constant chatter about whether Gunn will bring Pratt to the DCU or not. While GOTG has ended with Vol 3, Star-Lord still exists in the MCU and will have a part to play in Avengers: Secret Wars if not any other film. Considering he is a big part of the timeline, chances of him joining the DCU as a superhero as prominent as Booster Gold while also keeping the job at the MCU seem very unlikely. But you never know.

Who Is Booster Gold?

As for Booster Gold, he's a man with a golden heart and runs to help anyone in need. He falls on the good side of the fence but is also hungry for validation and fame. The superhero is also a member of the Justice League. The character has made it to the live-action world twice before: Smallville featured Booster Gold played by Eric Martsolf and in Arrowverse’s Legends Of Tomorrow where Donald Faison played him.

Now as we all are curious to know who the actor is, who do you think should be cast from Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt, and Glen Powell? Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this big update and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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